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Practice Your Patience. WHAT?!!?

I don't know what colour do you associate with autumn but for me it's violet or purple. Which also happen to be my favourite colours in everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Whenever I'm having a day off painting nails (!) or don't feel like bothering with a design (!) I put one colour (!) on my nails and it's always purple. But don't worry today is not one of those days. I finally decided to use my favourite colours in my design. I mean honestly if you saw my varnishes case you'd know I have A LOT of purple there. So imagine my joy to finally use them! That is until I realised most have gone dry...so I got...frustrated, So you're thinking just go buy some more, problem solved! And you're right...but that means I can't do my nails right now, right this second and did you come across my blog name? Patience is not a virtue in my book. In fact, it doesn't exist! 

Still, I used whatever I could salvage out of my 35734672543533435 purple/pinky/violet varnishes and this is the result!

puple ombre striping tape chevrons nail art

To create this design I used 3 varnishes: Rimmel 60 Seconds 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Maybelline Colour Show Purple Splah and Miss Selene 238. I painted every nail with the lightest colour first and then added middle colour and then the darkest one. I took the middle colour all the way to the end btw not just in the middle. The reason for that was that when the darkest colour was applied you could see ridges underneath where the middle one finished. I thought it may make the entire nail look really layered with varnish if I paint it all the way but it didn't ;) Also remember, I can't believe I'm saying this, but you have to be PATIENT and wait for every layer to dry properly otherwise it will look a mess. That I learned after my 4th attempt and seriously losing it. 

Now places where one layer meets the other layer don't have to be perfect because you will cover it with some sticky tape but do try your best because the tape is very thin so it will cover only small mistakes. Just make sure your nails are dry because sometimes you mess up with the tape and you want to take it off but if your nail is wet you will take the varnish off  together with you tape.I got my tape form amazon.co.uk but any sticky tape will do. If you want to create the middle finger design just cut 2 small pieces of tape roughly about the width of your nail. To apply the tape I like to use tweezers and sometimes even magnifing glass if it's really dark outside. Also I like to make sure my elbows are rested on the table or chair's arm rest, it minimises your hand shaking. Attach it on one side and make sure it's perfect on one side then you won't have to trim it later. Take it across your nail and make sure it's staright and just pat it gently in place. Cut the end with small scissors or nail clippers. For the thumb design you will need 4 pieces of tape. Start in the middle and work your way outwards following the line where your different varnish layers meet. Follow the same steps on the other side of your nail then repeat the process where the next varnishes meet. Cut the ends and apply topcoat and you're done!

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