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Danglefoot Polish | Holo Jellies And How To Use Them In Nail Art

I have only recently discovered my love for jelly polish and what opportunities it presents to a nail art lover. Sheer hosiery design on your nails? I'm in! So as you can imagine when I was contacted by Hayley from Danglefoot Polish about reviewing her jelly range I was super excited!

danglefoot polish holo jelly yellow red blue purple


BPS | Qgirl-057 Stamping Plate

born pretty store qgirl-057 stamping plate review nails

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Qgirl-057 stamping plate* I have recently received from Bornprettystore.com. There are four designs on the plate, two delicate florals and two slightly more crowded damask patterns. I don't actually own any plates with subtle patterns so I was really excited to try this one out. Although the round plates are usually quite small, all four stamps were big enough to cover my long nails. 


BPS | Clear Stamper Review and Nail Art

If you follow this blog then you will know I am quite keen on stamping. I've found the type of stamper that works for me, the stamping polishes that transfer the designs nicely onto my nails and the plates that make picking up a pattern easy. My stamping journey is complete, right? Nope. As soon as my package from bornprettystore.com arrived I couldn't wait to whip out my clear stamper* and give it a go. I am now seriously questioning how have I ever stamped without it!

bps clear stamper review furious filer nail art


Colour Block for Nail Spec

I've been seeing a lot of colour block manicures popping up on my social media and I realised I've never actually done one before. Some of you might even think I have been knowingly avoiding this technique. Well, you've got that right! The reason? Striping tape. I. Just. Can't. 

colour color block nail art tutorial peach gold


A England Heavenly Layers: Nail Art And Review

I've had this trio sitting on my shelf for a few weeks now and I finally found some time to try it out. This is one of A England's Harmonies Collection - Heavenly Layers. The trio includes one sheer polish, one bottle packed with gold flecks and, my personal favourite, pink and gold glitter bomb. Today I thought I'll show you how I incorporated them into my designs as opposed to just simple swatches. There are three designs in total so let's get started!

a england harmony heavenly layers review nail art


F.U.N. Lacquer Diamond Holo Top Coat: Swatches + Review

I often find myself thinking do I REALLY need another bottle of polish? And the answer is pretty much always, um, yeah? This is a nail art blog, what did you expect?! But even though I think: yes, sometimes the entire universe (my bank balance) screams: no! The problem is that I really want to try more holographic polishes because I only own a few. However I had this idea that if I get a holographic top coat I can make ANY polish look holo. Get in! And when I say it was my idea, it was actually my boyfriend's idea...um, I'll just leave it there. 

fun lacquer diamond holo top coat review swatch


Love Letters for Valentine's Day

I know it's been a bit mad here with the Valentine's Day designs, but I'm almost done, I promise! I just couldn't let this MoYou London Contest pass me by. If you don't know what I'm talking about, every month MoYou London hosts a nail art competition that usually involves using their stamping plates to create a specific design. This month the theme was Love Letters and I had just the plates to make it happen! Today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge theme is also Love Letters so I'm combining both. 

Nails stamping decals flowers scribbles moyou contest


Valentine's Patchwork for Nail Spec

I don't know about you but I'm not feeling the pink nails at the moment. Probably because I've done so many of them already! Still, Valentine's Day is just around the corner so what's a girl to do? I've decided to go bold and base my design on a colour you wouldn't perhaps associate with romance - grey. 

valentine's day tutorial heart patchwork nail spec matte

Don't worry, it does still involve a few hearts here and there! When I was creating this design for Nail Spec I didn't want it to be too sickly and sweet. In the end, I went for a light grey background and a bit of cute patchwork to balance it out. I'm so happy with how it turned out, especially with a matte top coat.

valentine's day nail art patchwork matte tutorial hearts

You can check out my tutorial here. What designs do you go for during Valentine's Day? Xx

Metallic Hearts for Valentine's Day

Man, I seriously admire everyone who dares to use full nail stencils. If you thought you just stick it on your nails and paint it over to reveal a cool pattern then well, TECHNICALLY, you'd be right, but there's a lot more to it! My boyfriend got me a load of stencils for Christmas and I (very naively) thought I'd leave them alone until I have no time on my hands to do anything free hand. Well, that was stupid!

heart stencils matte chrome metallic valentine's day nails


Edgy Valentine

You know when you start celebrating something too soon and then the day comes but you're not all that excited for it? This happened to me for Crimbo and it's happening now for Valentine's Day. I've painted my nails pink so many times in the past two weeks I can't look at pink anymore! Fortunately not all is lost because I came across So Naillicious Edgy Valentine Challenge and thought this was exactly what I needed!

valentines day nails gradient leopard print stamp moyou


January Nailbox Review: Valentine's Day

This month's Nailbox has arrived! I really wish that I got the chance to share with you the goodies from the previous Nailboxes but I always got them late as I was visiting my family quite often in the past two months. Last month the post man had the clever idea to leave it with my neighbours who, just before I got home, went on holidays for THREE WEEKS. Awesome, let's not try that again, shall we? I promise I will never moan again about having to trek to post office depo!

january nailbox valentine's day nails inc alexa hearts

Anyway! This month's box is full of goodies to create the perfect Valentine's Day mani. There are hearts, pink, sparkle and even a mini Love Heart treat. Let's start with my favourite shade from this month's box, Seche Rendezvous. 

seche rendezvous swatch raspberry pink nailbox january valentine's

It's a stunning raspberry pink, very opaque and applies like a dream. It reminds me of Ciate Kinckerbocker Glory which is one of my favourite pinks of all time. I love that this colour is creamy and rich without being too bright and in your face! Here I'm wearing two coats and a top coat. 

swatch pink valentine's day nailbox seche rendezvous

In the past few months that I've been ordering the Nailbox there has always been an Elegant Touch product inside. This month it's Nail Aphotecary 24KT Gold Rigde Filler. It has a slightly milky colour and it's filled with gold flecks. It's very pretty and sparkly and it's a shame to cover it up! I absolutely love the bottle. It reminds me of a perfume flak or a medicine vial from the olden days. Here I'm wearing two coats. 

elegant touch nail apothecary nailobox gold ridge filler

Next up is Sinful Babydoll. It's a barbie pink with a slightly cool tone. Unfortunately I'm not impressed by it. Even in three coats it's very streaky and uneven. It stained my nails horribly despite wearing the base coat I was just telling you about! In the picture I'm wearing three coats and a top coat. If you look closely you can see the patchy areas I was talking about. It's a shame because I really like this colour!

sinful babydoll swatch barbie pink nailbox valentine's

sinful pro shine babydoll pink barbie nailbox january

Every month Nailbox includes some form of accessory on top of all the nail polishes. In the last month we had Elegant Touch tools: nail clippers, tweezers and scissors. This month it's 10 Nailbox branded orange sticks. These are always useful for nail enthusiasts whether you want to push your cuticles or place a charm on your nail! Which bring me to the next item.

When I opened this month's Nailbox, Nails Inc Alexa Hearts was the product I was the most excited about. I was a bit surprised by the unusually small brush but I suppose this isn't meant to be used like your regular nail polish. I found it a little hard to get the hearts to come off the brush and stick to my nails but I guess this is where your orange stick comes in.

nails inc alexa hearts valentine's day nailbox january

Once I picked up my heart piece I placed it onto my Uber Chic mat and then transfered it onto my nails. Be careful though, if you start hacking at it trying to pick it up, you will take the red enamel off. The heart pieces didn't stick out too much even on my curved nail. The colour of the hearts wasn't flat either but had shimmery streaks running through it. Nice!

Time for a little nail art! I absolutely love how these turned out! I thought polka dots and bows would make a perfect Valentine's Day design. I created the dots using a medium dotting tool. I used two heart pieces to create each bow.

valentine's day nails polka dot bows rhinestones pink

I added white rhinestones from bornprettystore.com that I reviewed here. If you shop at Born Pretty Store for your nail supplies make sure you use my discount code SXL91 for 10 % off at checkout.

cute dots pink valentine's nails nailbox hearts bows

What do you think of this month's Nailbox? Do you like the design I've created? You can find a review of one of the previous Nailbox here.


Leopard Half Moon for Nail Spec

Can you believe it's already February? I'm so glad January is over now! I thought January was supposed to about the hope and excitement for what's to come this year and all that stuff. Um, initially, perhaps. From where I was standing it was cold, my dry skin hated me and I still felt the need to turn the lights on at 1pm. Yes, a perfect time to give you that boost and hold on to your New Years resolutions. I know, I know, any more positivity and I might burst! 

bright yellow leopard print half moon nail art