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MeeBox Femme Fatale Review + Unistella Inspired Nail Art

meebox femme fatale review furious filer ncla

Slick colours, bad ass theme and products from a celebrity endorsed brand? It must be MeeBox!


Tutorial | Nail the Matte Look featuring Swarovski Crystals

matte autumn nails swarovski crystals stones furious filer

I can't help but reach for a matte top coat as soon as the weather turns a bit autumny. In the UK that started around June this year but hey, at least I had lots of time to practice! If you ever struggled to nail the matte look, I've put together a few tips to help you.


MeeBox 2nd Birthday: Born This Way Review

flatlay meebox birthday brand ambassador furious filer

Someone explain to be how is MeeBox 2 years old already?! Time sure is flying when you're having fun. But if you think the UK's only nail subscription box is just about fun, think again. With a 'Born This Way' theme, MeeBox gals encourage you to spead the nail love and promote girl power. All Lady Gaga-style.


Nail Artist in Residence: Drag Marble Featuring Little Ondine

furious filer nail artist in residence little ondine

Have your ever looked at a nail art tutorial and thought, yep, this is easy, I can do this with my eyes shut! You give it a go, confident and all, only to discover that the hot mess you've created does in fact look as if your eyes were screwed tight the whole time. Sound familiar? This is pretty much how every drag marble nail art used to end up for me until I discovered Little Ondine.


Turquoise Spray Water Marble

spray water marble nail art furious filer turquoise

In the history of this blog I have done a few stone inspired designs but I was missing the popular turquoise to add to my collection. Until now. 

MeeBox Birds Of Paradise Review

If you're a fan of stamping and sparkle (who isn't?!) you are going to love the latest MeeBox edit. The Birds of Paradise box is going to transform your nails into something straight out of the tropics so you can forget how crap the British summer actually is. 


Summer Nail Art: Glitter + Negative Space

negative space trend glitter turquoise furious filer

I have never been this excited about glitter in my entire life! A few months ago, I attended the Beauty UK show where I got myself this snazzy looking Annika Glitter. Best decision ever! Today I paired it up with a negative space and a bright colour for a winning summer combo.


Encapsulated Shattered Glass Nails

shattered glass cellophane holographic furious filer nail art

Shattered glass nails have possibly been the most popular trend in nail art in recent years and it's fair to say, they aren't going anywhere. Today I want to show you my 'encapsulated' version of this hot look with extra sparkle because, ya know, holo paper ain't sparkly enough!

Ibiza Mee Meebox | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

ibiza mee meebox subscription box review furious filer

Word on the street is that Ibiza is the ultimate party place. I mean, let's face it, what comes to your mind when you think Ibiza? Rave? Totally. Beach? Hell yeah! Vengaboys? No? Just me then. Well, now you can add MeeBox to that list because this month's edit it's all about the land of neon, Ibiza.


Lost City MeeBox | Swatches & Nail Art

meebox lost city subscription box review furious filer

Whatever the weather outside your window may be suggesting, it is almost summer. In the world of nail art this means a shift to brighter colours and fun patterns. And MeeBox has got you covered.

Caution: This post involves orange and I like it. God knows what's waiting for you past the jump. You've been warned!

Get Your Nails Done by Me at River Island & MeeBox Pop-up Nail Bar

I have some super exciting news! Throughout May, MeeBox is teaming up with one of the high street's major retailers, River Island to create a pop-up nail bar. A simple manicure will be on offer but this is MeeBox we're talking about so get ready for major nail art action. All the designs will be inspired by River Island's latest collection, and guess who will be beautifying your digits? Me!


1st Anniversary as MeeBox Ambassador and Soft Scoop Review

meebox soft scoop review brand ambassador subscription box

Thanks to MeeBox, this month we are in for a real treat. Literally. Soft Scoop box is inspired by ice cream so think yummy shades, extra toppings and sprinkles. All fat free!

Leighton Denny: Secrets of the Souk Collection

Leighton denny secrets of the souk collection review furious filer

The beauty of the Secrets of the Souk collection is that it serves a number of purposes. As the name suggests, it is perfect for those exotic designs and intricate patterns that scream summer. It also seems like everyone is bound to find something they like, whether you're into bold or muted shades. On the other hand, the brand suggests that the collection consists of perfect shades for the colour blocking trend that is meant to be huge this spring/summer season. But is it all talk and no action? I have investigated... 

Cirque Colors: Kawaii Collection and Rebrand

citrque kawaii collection review swatches holo furious filer

The new release from Cirque is here and I for one am excited as hell. The Kawaii Collection is described as full of spring colours and sparkle, with a dash of sarcasm. I think we can agree if there ever was a collection made for me, this is it?!


Classic: Freehand Stripes

geometric stripes nude cirque colors furious filer

I have a Furious Filer classic for your today, a good ol' striped design!


Pastel Colour Block featuring Kure Bazaar

kure bazaar nail polish review pastels furious filer

Happy Easter! I think it may be borderline illegal to post anything but pastels around this time of year, so I have 3 beautiful shades coming your way and some on trend nail art.


Tutorial | Chrome Stamped Marble

stamper marble nail art splatter tutorial furious filer

I think it's safe to say that the marble effect in nail art isn't going anywhere. Ever thought it looks awesome but it's way too time consuming to paint? I feel you! Meet your new best friend, a stamper.


MeeBox Miami Nice | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox subscription box miami nice review furious filer

Do you know what's the best day of the month? No, not pay day, it's when MeeBox lands on your door step! This time, the UK's favourite subscription box has an 80's vibe with funky bright polishes and sparkly nail art goodies. If you didn't get your hands on this one, you seriously missed out! 

Fun Spring Paisley Design

paisley confetti furious filer spring nails

Hello! Long time no see, but I have a good excuse, I promise! I've added the explanation at the bottom of this post if you want to have a read. I usually try not to bore you with the antics of my personal life, but this one is, how should I put it, nail blog worthy. However, for now can we focus on the important fact which is...drumroll...spring is here! Not just according to my calendar but even when I look outside my window, it seems to be confirmed. Spring has arrived and is here to stay (#overoptimistic) so I don't know about you, but I'm whipping out my pastel shades.


Gatsby MeeBox: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

sparkly bag essentials meebox gatsby furious filer review

Did you all watch the Oscars the other day? I did because where else am I going to see Ryan Gosling live for 3 hours?? Since it doesn't look like I'll be flying off to Hollywood, living the dream anytime soon, I got myself all glammed up and sparkly with the newest MeeBox edition called Gatsby. There seems to be a rather annoying theme with me and film inspired MeeBoxes. It turns out, I haven't seen any of them! Remember what happened with the Wizard of Oz box? Let's not even go there. However, the Great Gatsby apparently has Leo in it and that's about as good a reason to watch a film as it gets. Enough chatter, let's have a look at the goodies! This month we got 3 polishes and 2 nail art products.


Simple Nail Art Featuring Chrome Striping Tape

nude nail art metallic tape minimalistic furious filer

If you've been with me for a while then you know that striping tape is pretty much the reason there's a word 'furious' in my blog's name. It's just so fiddly and I can't even remember the last time I used it! Having said that...a striping tape that is metallic AND doesn't need to be removed? Um, OK then.


Snowflakes with Floss Gloss 'Dimepiece'

glitter snowflakes floss gloss dimepiece furious filer

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I finally got the chance to see some proper winter weather and it was great...for a day or two! As soon as I went outside, -12°C made me lose my sense of smell but at least I got to see some snow. And it made me wonder...


Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

valentine's day sweet glam nails ideas metallic tutorial furiousfiler

Believe it or not, in 3 years of running this blog I have never done a nail art wheel, not even to practice. To do a design once is usually quite enough for my extemely limited patience levels, thanks a lot! Still, with Valentine's Day fast approaching I decided to put together a few designs if you're stuck for inspo this year.


MeeBox Galentines | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

furious filer meebox ambassador galentines nail subscription box review

Ah, Valentine's Day! The day where all the lovers in the world shower one another with gifts and spend the evening eating a romantic dinner by the candlelight. Yeah, who cares! This year, MeeBox invites you to celebrate Galentine's Day and I'm in! The January edit has everything you need for an epic pamper session with your girlfriends. Think painting nails, indulging in treatments and cocktails all day long. The latter, sadly, not included in the box. ;)


Cirque Colors A/W Metropolis Collection | Swatches & Review

cirque metropolis collection 2016 furious filer review

The shades I'm about to show you have been kicking around the internet for some time now but I couldn't resist. Cirque Colors added six more creme polishes to their Metropolis Collection and they are simply stunning! Let's start with my favourite. 

Winter Gradient With Cirque Idyllic + Storm King

winter gradient metallic sweater nail art furious filer

Let's talk snow. We haven't had any for the past 2-3 years so I got the shock of my life last week as I woke up to the first snow this winter. While I was too excited thinking if I should get my sledge out or build a snowman, the entire country was brought to a standstill. Did I mention it laid for about 2 hours? Yep, an inch of snow can do that in the UK! So no snowman for me but I suddenly realised that I totally forgot to show you my winter nail art that I did a while ago. Let's have a look!

MeeBox No Place Like Home | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox nail subscription box review furious filer moyou

Happy New Year! Did you all have a good night? I'm pretty sure my neighbours spent a year's worth of wages on fireworks so I had a pretty amazing view. Now that you have (hopefully) cured your hangover, let's talk about some unfinished business from 2016, the December Meebox review! This time the goodies in the box were inspired by the Wizard of Oz and we got 7 products as opposed to the usual 5, just in time for Christmas! I think I need to confess something before I start with the review....I might be the only person on the planet who hasn't in fact watched the Wizard of Oz. I kinda get the idea now (thank you, Wikipedia!) but surprisingly, googling the Wizard of Aus didn't get me anywhere. Yep, I know, clueless! Now that that's off my chest, let's have a look at the box's contents.