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nail art
Abstract Faces

Manicure Makeover vol.4

Stamping striping sponging pink summer nails

The final stage of Manicure Makeover is finally here! So far we've had sponging, stamping and striping. For this stage I've decided to combine stamping and striping as opposed to adding a new technique. I think it might have been OOT otherwise. This is the same stamp from MoYou London Pro 11 that I used in the second picture. I sectioned off a bit of my nail with sellotape, added a stamp and finished it off with another stripe. There, now I really like it and my boyfriend even went as far as saying it's his favourite mani ever!


Manicure Makeover vol.3

flower stamp moyou pro 11 pink sponging

I have to say I was really pleased with my previous design and I didn't want to ruin it by adding too much. After a while I thought something small and delicate would do. I settled for a simple stripe running through the middle. I used Essence 46 Black is Black and Ciate Knickerbockerglory. What do you think? It may not be the most dramatic change from the last design but I think it's one of those that goes with literally everything you might want to add later!


Manicure Makeover Vol.2

Here is my fist update! The previous design, although pretty, bored me fairly quickly so I added a stamp from my new MoYou London Pro 11. I couldn't decide what colour to stamp it with and in the end I tried a few. This, of course, completely knackered the entire design so I had to sponge it all again on my ring finger. I chose black because I think it enchances the colours underneath the most. 


Manicure Makeover

This was a little challenge I set out for myself and it was actually a real fun one. I first saw this done by the talented cubbiful and couldn't wait to give it a go. Basically I wanted to see if I could 'recycle' my manicure over and over again by adding bits and bobs and essentially making it more interesting without having to make a new design. I really feel like this is a great idea if, like me, you get bored with most designs after wearing them for a few days. This is seriously the story of my life! If I make the most gorgeous mani I'm thinking, OMG, I'm never ever taking it off! In reality, that hype only lasts...maybe 2 days? I haven't had much time to create anything new recently and this is a great idea to refresh and maybe even completely change an old manicure.

Pink, sponging, splatter, abstract nailart

This is my 'base' that I started with. I love, love, love this pink by Miss Sporty! I think it works so well with my skin tone and it's just the perfect coral pink. I wanted to add similar colours to go with it so I sponged NYC Melon Milkshake, 2true shade 26, Golden Rose Rich Color 103 and Ciate Knickerbockerglory all at random. I used a small piece of bath sponge to do that. It's not perfectly blended but I kinda like the messiness of it!

Pink, sponging,abstract,  summer nails

This is the first stage, more designs will follow later this week! Xx

Stripin' 'ell

stripes nails colour block peachella purple

Just a quick one today as I'm not even sure I should be posting these. I think it may be a bit of a nail fail! It just looks very different to what I envisioned. Also, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever posted nails with horizontal stripes. I'm sure you can tell, as the lines are not THAT clean but ah well! I suppose for a first attempt it could have been a lot worse, right? RIGHT?! Put me out of my misery here!


The hard life of a nail polish lover

Do you know what's just the worst when travelling? Choosing nail polishes to fit that silly tiny plastic bag you're allowed to take on board a plane. I mean seriously! How am I supposed to choose A FEW from my massive stash? Last time I travelled I thought: screw this, and packed all my cosmetics into my boyfried's bag and I had an entire bag full of polish. I mean he doesn't need much, right? Or ...anything? Still, would you believe that I wanted to take more?


Tropical Fruit Salad

peachella peach yellow roses water decals dots

I've flown home again and I am so glad I have because the weather here is unreal! It feels so weird to go from wearing boots and a jacket and be freezing to wearing barely anything and literally melt! I decided that a cute summery mani was a must!


Sheer luck

sheer blue white stamp MoYou Shimmer

When I went home a few weeks ago, my boyfriend made me buy this blue shimmery polish when we were shopping. He really liked it so I just bought it for the sake of it. You can never have enough of these tiny bottles anyway, can you? If I'm honest shimmery polishes are not my thing. I don't like the application and the fact that they leave very visible smudges. This one turned out to be sheer too, bugger!


Once in a blue moon

galaxy nails stars moon space

I've had a good look through my nail polish stash and realised that I haven't used any blue polishes in ages! Blue reminds me of the sky (you'd never guess, would you?!) so I decided on space nails. To make it a bit less unoriginal I decided to add the Moon. I thought the whole mani would be really time consuming. As it happens, it actually took FOREVER to allign the two accent nails!