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How To: Water Decals Stripes

This past few weeks have been literally crazy hence why it's been a bit quiet here recently. The reason? Well, for most of it, I was visiting my family. Hardly an excuse? Ok then, try getting to your boyfriend's family who lives on the other side of the country on public transport and then fly home to visit your own family. While you're there, do just about everyone's nails in the 5 mile radius while catching a lovely virus. At the airport totally lose it once you find out your boyfriend printed out boarding passes from 2015. And when you finally land, still coughing and sneezing, learn that your coach is 2 hours late due to an accident on M1. I rest my case. Rant over!

And ok, I MIGHT have exaggerated slightly on one thing (or according to my boyfriend, all of them) when I said my boyfriend's family lives on the other side of the country. But in my defence everywhere seems far when you don't drive. There, hopefully my boyfriend's Gran (who reads my blog) won't have a go at me now! 

floral anastazja water decals mini 16 striped studs


French Manicure with Mavala Optical Nail Whitener

How do you feel about a french manicure? I have to admit it's not really my thing. Mostly because it was the first 'nail art' I used to do on myself as a teenager. That was back in the Naughties and according to my very well hidden pictures just about EVERYTHING from that time was just a huge, ongoing cringe fest. I'm afraid to me, french nails were a part of it! Surely though, some pieces from the Naughties can make a come back? Preferably not my then-haircut. Don't even get me started on that. 

french manicure nails classic wedding delicate work appropriate


Nail Art | Floral Pastel Gradient

Do you know what I haven't done in a while? A gradient! Along with (an overdue) spring clean and repotting the 3 plants I own. I know, my life is just crazy exciting right now! Anyway, back to the nails. I used to find it easier to use a bath sponge to create a gradient but these days I opt for a make up sponge. I still think the bath sponge blends the colours well but OMFG the bubbles! I just can't.

spring pastel gradient floral stamping nails meebox kawaii


Itsy Nails London | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

How do you feel about trying out new brands? I'm kinda torn. On one hand I want to be sceptical so I don't get my hopes up and end up being disappointed. At the same time I can't help but feel excited about trying out new goodies from the nail world! After all I am a self confessed nail addict! Still, I have tried and tested a fair few nail polishes since I've started this blog and most of them were good but I have to admit it's been a while since I was this impressed by a nail polish! I'm talking about a new brand on the block, Itsy Nails London. 

itsy nails london 5free cruelty free review furiousfiler


Tribal Design Featuring BPS Water Decals

It's been a bit quiet here recently but trust me when I say I've not been doing sweet bugger all! I have been playing around with water decals because I am absolutely obsessed! I think a lot of girls find them boring but I found that it's ridiculous just how many looks you can create with even the simplest water decals. I'll be sharing them with you soon but for now here is a tribal design I've done using water decals*  from bornprettystore.com. 

tribal nails water decals studs arrows mint monochrome


Space Design for Nail Spec

Have you noticed that a design can look totally different on a different nail shape? That's why I love playing with my nail shape every now and then, it's refreshing! It makes me look at a design from a completely new perspective. Take galaxy nails. We've all seen it, we've all done it and we're all just *a tad* bored with it, amarite?! And yet, now that my nails are square I feel like I'm discovering this kind of nail art all over again!

space galaxy nail art tutorial step by step