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Abstract Nail Art Using Nails Inc Kiss My Peach Duo

abstract nude nails inc kiss my peach furious filer

When you're used to precision painting, often while holding your breath, it seems that an abstract design should be a breeze in comparison, right? Wrong! Very, very wrong!

I'm so used to being as precise as I can be with my nails that my precision obsession just took over and I ended up with literally every damn nail looking the sameDon't get me wrong, I tried. I was like, just go for it, just relax your grip on the brush and paint something, you know, actually abstract. Yeah...noSo if uniform nails are your thing too, here is what I used to create this look!

I started with a base coat, followed by Nails Inc Peach Tease* as my base colour. It's a really nice peachy nude AND it's scented! I would randomly get a whiff of peach every time I moved my hands around. I couldn't smell it anymore the day after I painted it on but it was fun while it lasted. I used Nails Inc White Out and the brush from the bottle to paint the white patch in the middle of my nails. I then used What's Up Nails 9 Pure Color liner brush and Nails Inc Hot Fuzz* to create the orange lines. I added a few black specks using Nails Inc Black Taxi and an Uberchic detail brush and stuck on a few gold leaf pieces at random. I sealed the design with a layer of Nails Inc Lacquer Lock top coat. 

abstract orange macro gold leaf nails furious filer

I think the finished look is still cute, even if it's not as abstract as it could be. What do you think? It was inspired by Jen Seales, who is an amazing nail artist and makes these abstract designs look so easy! Make sure you follow Jen on her Instagram for some serious nail goals.

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