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nail art
Abstract Faces


On a scale from 1 to 10 I'm not sure how much I like these nails I'm about to show you. I mean ok they are not THAT bad and I love the colours I chose to do ombre but..I don't know! Just one of these days I suppose but hey I'm putting it out there right now before I change my mind and these nails will join an already huge file of designs that didn't quite make the cut.

fish scales mermaid ombre nail art

I'm using an ombre technique on all of my nails and then paint the scales. I used Rimmel 873 Breakfast In Bed/Collection 10 Peacock Green and Golden Rose Color Rich 71/Collection 18 Going For Gold to create ombre effect. The scales were made using a semi-long thin brush and the lighter option from the ombre combo followed by top coat and TA DAH!


Little Mermaid

During summer time I love wearing rich or matte colours. But not glitter. Never glitter. So this is my latest design and you guessed it... it's glitter with sparkles topped with more glitter :D

mermaid glitter nail art

For some reason I don't do glitter or even shimmer is rare for me. Maybe it's because it's a bit hard to take off and it gets absolutely everywhere? I don't know. Either way I realised I'm seriously missing out! So I decided to stock up on some nice glitter/shimmer varnishes and have a few designs in mind which I'll be sharing with you over the next few days:)


Scribbles Scribbles...

Isn't typing amazing? Thanks to typing no one literate has a problem reading this post not to mention seeing my embarrassingly bad handwriting. Times when I did calligraphy at school are long gone. If I was however using my hand writing it would resemble something like this:

matte ombre writing nail art MoYou

However for this look I used MoYou London stamping plates. I know, I OBVIOUSLY almost fooled you.


Retro cherries and first world problems

Today a tragedy has happened. It's late, all shops are closed and my nail varnish remover is finished! And now I don't know what to do with myself. That's how sad my life's got recently ;) I couldn't do any design in case it goes wrong and let's face it, it would. So today I'm wearing one nail varnish. On all nails. In one colour. On ALL NAILS. But hey, let's look at the positives! ....


Yeah...So instead I've decided to share this design with you that I made yesterday. It's my retro take on cherries pattern. I wanted to make cherries design for ages but just couldn't quite get it right. I tried to make them look really tiny but painting them was driving me mad.

retro cherries dots nail art


Is animal print still 'a thing'

Who can tell nowadays?! Fashion has gone mad. But at the same time there is a certain freedom feel to it. I feel I can put whatever I want on my back and claim it's 'the new thing'...right? So going by my way of thinking (here goes nothing): Animal print is a thing! Or is STILL a thing...or IS IT?! Either way it has made its appearance on my nails today. Finding the right brush and black varnish with the right consistency was driving me INSANE. The short brushes I saw being used in tutorials didn't work for me. After many attempts and deep breaths (apparently helps you cool down...DOES IT NOW?!) this is what I ended up with.

green and black zebra nail art


Feeling cute?

Who makes a detailed list of varnishes when going shopping hands up? No? Just me? So THAT is why I got odd looks then, right....?! I went to my local cosmetic store with a detailed list of varnishes I need and by detailed list I mean something like 'minty green with hints of blue that will go with X design but different than X'. That shop assistant sure looked at me like I was crazy. I've been trying to get hold of a nice creamy beige nail varnish but I've ended up with pinky, peachy and browny ones. Oh no! I've got more varnishes to use! The tragedy :D 

negative space nails, beige nails, glitter nails