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nail art
Abstract Faces

Summer blues...and greens...and pinks...and whites...and...

Maaan this winter weather is seriously getting me depressed! It's so cold that last time I went to town I literally couldn't feel my ears. Well screw that! I want summer and warmth and summer dresses and sunny weather so I can stop being so bloody MISERABLE! Since that's not going to happen for a while the only inkling of summer is on my nails. There winter, in your face!

Summer, colourful, negative space, dry brush, chevrons


Rebel lace

Prepare yourself for some rule breaking! I created a blue lace mani because well, I can, and who said  lace nail art has to be black anyway?!

Sheer tint blue lace MoYou bridal

Art Deco

Nude and dark palette continues! I honestly needed a break from all the colour...well, for a few days anyway! I'm so excited to show you this Art Deco design, I think it may be my favourite yet!

art deco stripes cream gold nail art


Military nails!

After what seems like ages of pinkest, cutest, sickliest patterns and designs I think I'm not the only one in need of shaking things up and changing the palette a little bit! I might have gone extreme going straight for black, but hey, I needed it!

miliary stars badge camo chevrons black


OPI Wardrobe Collection review

Here's the thing, if someone told me, say, a year ago I'll be doing nail art AND have long(ish) nails I might have had some sort of laughing fit. Then one day, by accident, I've heard of OPI Nail Envy and decided to try it even though I was convinced my nails were beyond any help. Well the rest is history!

I tried so many hardeners and strengtheners available on high street but honestly nothing worked. Yes, my nails were hard but still so thin. I also noticed one annoying thing. My nails became too hard if such thing even exists and started to be brittle and flaky. Obviously in this situation it was impossible to keep immaculate mani for more than half a day. Then this happened:

opi nude pink original nail envy avoplex oil


Pansies and Born Pretty Store rhinestones review

I know it's winter and all, but I really felt like flower nail art today! I optted for this gorgeous metallic blue because it has been waaay too long since I last used it. So today I have for you some pansies inspired nail art featuring a review of rhinestones, provided as a free sample from bornprettystore.com.


Shabby Chic and Born Pretty Store water decals review

Recently I was asked by bornprettystore.com to review some of their products and I'm so happy to present you with the first review today! So if you want to find out about water decals and how to create this shabby chic design, keep on reading!

Water decals, bornprettystore, distressed wood, outline

Vintage Valentine's

Let's face it, everyone's rocking the Valentine's design right now. Since I went for crazy in my last post, this time I decided to go for the cutest, sweetest, sickliest Valentine's design I'm capable of! I absolutely love lace and wanted to incorporate it into my nails for ages and Valentine's seems like a good idea, so here it is!


Enchanted forest gone mad

Yes, you're seeing it right, there are hearts growing on trees. It looked a lot cuter and more delicate in my head. I decided to use a slightly different palette for this Valentine's design and went for green and matte. I like living on the edge.

birds hearts branches ombre valentine's MoYou


Chevrons colour block and a review

Is grey and peach colour blocking? I hope it is. Today apart from some funky nail art, I wanted to share with you my opinion on all the polishes and accessories I used to create it. I know I usually do it anyway but this is a bit more extensive so please bear with me while I'm figuring this whole review thing out!  

grey peach glitter chevrons colourblock