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#RiRiMee MeeBox: Review and Badass Nail Art

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'Rihanna'? Style icon, perhaps? Great singer? Sure! But for me, it's BADASS and that was clearly what the MeeBox girls thought because the contents of this month's box have it written all over them!

nail subscription box meebox holo review furious filer


ABC Challenge: D is for Decals

I felt like it was about time to change things up, so my pointy claws are back! Well, they're not quite 'claws' yet but they'll get there. I just seriously didn't trust myself with square nails as they were getting long. It was so easy to snap the corners and, for whatever reason, they were constantly peeling. Annoying or what?!

anastazja water decals snake skin side half moon


Liz Earle Signature Blue | Swatch, Nail Art and Review

Today I want to show you a swatch and a bit of nail art that I've done using Liz Earle Signature Blue. However, I simply cannot talk about this polish without at least brushing up on the brand as a whole. I know there are a lot of Liz Earle fans out there but if you've never heard of it, it's 'a British beauty brand with many years in botanical expertise'. Their most iconic product has to be Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser which I've been using EVERYDAY for 2 years and I just can't be without it now! 

liz earle signature blue review swatch furious filer


ABC Challenge: C is for Chevrons

It's time for another ABC Challenge and this time it's extra special because I am NOT late for this prompt! It's incredible what you can do when you are bed bound for a week. Well, more like sofa//desk/fridge bound. This week's design starts with the letter 'C' and I went for chevrons.

neon pink peach copper gold studs nails chevrons


ABC Challenge: B is for Best Nail Polish

You know that feeling, when you invest your time and effort to nurture something and the next thing you know, it's all backfired? Take my body for example. I feed you, I buy you clothes, I do your nails for free and you decide to repay me by arranging a long weekend in A&E?! Is it because I wore those 'almost my size' shoes the other day that gave you blisters? You are TOTALLY overreacting, at least they were pretty!

holographic side french half moon geometric nail art


ABC Challenge: A is for Advanced Stamping

For the past few days I've been layering cuticle oil and slathering as much of my entrusted OPI Nail Envy as possible to get my nails to the state they were before all the travelling, illness and just general neglect happened! I am so sick of it, it's time for some nail art! And what better way to get the creative juices flowing again than through a nail art challenge? I am a day late for the ABC Challenge  hosted by Nail Polish Society but I have a good excuse. I went shopping. All day long. I know, I know but I had to celebrate now that I am officially flu-free, right?! I treated myself to a trip to IKEA and I bought ALL SORTS (as you do). Anyway, the idea behind the challenge is to create a design corresponding with a letter of the alphabet. The first challenge starts with the letter 'A' (duh) and I decided to go for 'Advanced Stamping'.

indie polish cirque cerrillios swatch turquoise holo


Denim Nails for Nail Spec

If you look outside my window today you could totally believe you're in Spain. There's not a cloud in the sky and people are ACTUALLY wearing shorts. Makes you just want to get outside and explore! Or, if you're stuck indoors with flu, it makes you want to curse the unfair world, while you pop another antibiotic and settle down on the sofa with your trusted slanket.

denim seams dry brush emoji fun colourful nails


Hitched MeeBox: Nail Art and Review

What makes you feel like you've treated yourself? As I'm currently down with the flu, I have to say a massive pile of sweets is doing it for me! But what else? Some girls like to take a nice bath, have an online shopping session or have lunch with friends. And then some girls get MeeBox. If you got your hands on this month's 'Hitched'* themed box (and I know a few of my followers did because I'm a stalker;) then I think you'll agree that the MeeBox girls have outdone themselves this time! I couldn't believe my eyes as I kept pulling out treat after treat and my voice was getting strangely high pitched (I totally blame it on my sore throat).

wedding meebox bundle monster bm-xl201 clear jelly stamper


Mixed Metallics for Nail Spec

The Sun might be out and warmer days are coming (here's hoping!) but that doesn't change the fact that sometimes you might not want the weather to dictate what shade of polish to put on. I know, shocker! What if the world says 'Spring' equals 'pastels' but you just really want to show the world the finger and rock some black nails with metallic accents? Well, what can I say, you've come to the right place! 

damask metallic elegant free hand pattern egdy nails