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MeeBox Blackberry Margarita: Nail Art

A few posts back I reviewed this month's MeeBox*, a subscription box dedicated to nails only for all you nail addicts. The polishes were such a pleasure to work with I used them to create a few different designs and I love them all! Have a look at the review to see what polishes I'll be using. It's cool, I'll just wait here;) Done it? Aren't they all gorge? Let's have a look at the designs then!

blackberry fruit nail art holo red decals holographic


Lace Over Metallic Gradient

Lace is the last Weekly Nail Art Challenge prompt for this month and I've decided to step out of my comfort zone. Ever since I've started this blog I have never incorporated a metallic silver polish. Even silver glitter only made an appearance a few times. I don't know why though, I have quite a few of them! I thought it was about time to change that.

lace #wnac2016 rhinestones glam nails metallic silver gradient


MeeBox Review: Blackberry Margarita

meebox january 2016 blackberry margarita review box

There goes my dry January! You can't blame me though. When the MeeBox* girls contacted me about reviewing this month's box I knew I had to do it. Based on the previous launches I've been following every month, I'd be crazy to refuse! This month the theme is Blackberry Margarita, think a slice of lime, blackberry and a rim of salt...in a polish form. Come on guys, use your imagination! No? Ok then let me help you out. Is this picture doing it for you? 


Ruffian Design with Models Own Duo

The bright madness continues! I haven't done a ruffian design in ages so I came up with this vivid duo. I then proceeded to wear it to a job interview. It was appropriate for the position, I promise. But as a rule of thumb, try to avoid bright blue for any formal meetings!

ruffian metallic studs rhinestones turquoise blue chrome rose


Naklejki Wodne na Paznokcie Anastazja - Recenzja

*To read this review in English click here
*This is not a direct translation*

Cześć! Dzisiaj na blogu recenzja po polsku ponieważ dzisiaj omawiamy produkty polskiej firmy. Anastazja to firma która zajmuje się sprzedażą wodnych naklejek do paznokci, tak zwanych nail water wraps. Wybór jest ogromny! Ja sama od przeglądania miałam łeb jak sklep, wiec na pewno każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie;). Są łatwe w użyciu, ale jeśli macie z takimi rzeczami problemy lub chcecie się dowiedzieć jak ja je zazwyczaj nakładam, zapraszam do przeczytania tego posta.

anastazja net naklejki na paznokcie recenzja


Anastazja Nail Water Wraps Review

Today I have a review of beautiful nail water wraps* from Anastazja.net. Let me start with a word of warning: this post is seriously, SERIOUSLY picture heavy. I couldn't help myself though, because I'm in love with all the nail art I've created with these water decals! First, a quick word about the company.

anastazja.net nail water wraps decals review


Uber Easy Floral Design Featuring Über Chic Detail Brush

Do you remember when I said that one day I'd crack the whole floral mani thing? Well, *drumroll* today is not that day. Yeah...It's fairly close though! One of the reasons I don't paint flowers very often is because, well, it makes me furious;) I just physically CAN'T do it! However I recently bought a gorgeous Über Chic detail brush and let me tell you, there's hope for me yet.

floral flowers detail brush uber chic free hand


Sheer Dotticure for Nail Spec

I realised that ever since I've started my nail art journey I only ever did one or two sheer designs. The truth is that I actually own quite a few jellies so I don't really know what's been stopping me! I've always liked the black sheer design so I decided to give it a go.

sheer tint jelly black dotticure border nail art

Oh yeah, remember when I said I had a few jellies in my stash? Well, it turns out black isn't one of them. Fantastic. What's a girl to do? I created my own tinted polish, of course! 

chic sheer lace dots border nail design nail spec

I created this look for Nail Spec and you can easily achieve it in just four steps. All you need to do is follow my tutorial. There is something about this design that made me feel so chic! I think it's the whole sheer/lacey thing.

What do you think? Thanks for stopping by xx


Orange Is The New Orange

Listen, I get it. I wanted winter weather and now it's freezing cold and it's supposed to snow next week. Yes, I wanted all that...FOR CHRISTMAS. Thanks a lot, jet stream. Right now I want to be thinking of cute summer outfits not winter coats! This is why for today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge I decided to go for bright happy shades in hope of summoning warm weather. 

sequin diamonds glitter placement bright orange yellow


Mint Collab

I have finally found time to put my Christmas prezzies into good use! My boyfriend went on some sort of shopping rampage behind my back and got me what I can only describe as 'indie heaven'. I wanted to snap a quick photo for you but quite frankly I just couldn't fit it all in one frame. Yep, he's a keeper!

geometric free hand stripes contrast crelly  nails


Glitz n Glam

When you think about the fact that just last month most of us were all about red polish, one would assume it's the last colour you want to be reaching for in January. But when it's cold outside and you're starting to question whether you're JUST bloated post-Crimbo feast, you need something to cheer you up! And this Golden Rose red does exactly that for me.

quilted red nails rhinestones #wnac2016 glossy glamorous



Today I'd like to show you a mani swap I've done with Lisa ( ig: @nailpolisa). We were talking about doing this for ages and we finally made it happen. You know what it's like, we all have stuff going on and then during Christmas everything just gets crazy. Basically, life just gets in the way of painting nails! Tut tut.

heart shape tips monochrome studs nail art


Don't cling (film) on to old nail trends!

The Christmas tree is gone, the decorations are packed away and there is finally some room in the fridge. It's official, Christmas is over! To be perfectly honest with you I'm looking forward to the change of colours and designs. And to my waist getting back to normal.

marble metallic studs cling film violet nail spec