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Fireworks for New Year's Eve? Erm, Holo?!

What I can't understand is why do we celebrate New Year's Eve in such close proximity to Christmas. The fridge is STILL packed full of leftovers and it is very likely that I've gained a stone in the past week. Oh and I'm supposed to wear a bodycon dress tonight. Fantastic. 

OK so New Year's Eve might not be my thing but I tell you what is, fireworks! I might resemble a balloon tonight but at least my nails are 'fit' for the occasion;) 

foil holographic pink bornprettystore colourblock striping tape nails
Foil from bornpretystore.com without top coat


Santa Comes from Polishville. Fact.

I swear I wanted to go for something absolutely ridiculous for today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge. Just about anything vaguely Christmas related was going to end up on my nails. But I'm afraid all the Christmas preparation and gift wrapping got the best of me and I couldn't face anymore festivities! What's happened, I became a Scrooge! 

christmas jumper sweater festive metallic christmas nail art


Winter Icicles

The weather has seriously been killing me recently. Yes, it's warm. In fact, it's been so warm I spotted a guy in shorts yesterday. Awesome, my question is: where is the bloody snow?! I just can't feel festive when the snow it's not here. So today I'm going on strike and I'm bringing the snow to you...or rather, the ice! 

ice icicles blue ombre winter nail art tutorial


Pink Christmas

Have you found yourself thinking: why is her hand so tanned all of a sudden? Don't worry, I didn't have an unfortunate self tan incident. I mean, what, that would just be weird...I NEVER had one of those...<nervous laugh>. No seriously, the reason why my hand is browner than usual is because I made this manicure in July. See, a perfectly good explanation. And not weird AT ALL.

christmas jumper stripes glitter moyou london festive 06


Stars In My Eyes

For today's Weekly Nail Art Challenge 2015  my mind went blank! The prompt for today is stars and I kinda had this idea to do some form of gradient but the gradient gods were not watching over me...in fact, nail gods are completely blowing me off today! Add to that the fact that I have a flu and you can't blame me for going for something simple today. 

christmas #wnac2015 studs arrowheads rhinestones true brit


December Mix

I am a big fan of the design I'm about to show you. It's simple but I feel like it combines winter, snowflake and even Christmas themes. And let's just all take a minute to stare at the sparkle! 

winter christmas snow sparkle blue jelly nails


Monochrome Christmas

My Christmas jumper obsession continues. Today I decided to use my MoYou London plate that I was talking about a few posts back. I was trying to figure out another way to use this plate for today's #wnac2015 and I came up with this little number.

christmas jumper stamping monochrome moyou London opi


Jumpers For Life

This time last year I was all about the reindeers, penguins and just about any creature from the animal kingdom you associate with Christmas and winter. This year I'm all about Christmas jumper designs! I am obsessed I just.can't.stop. I've already shared some with you but there is more to come so don't say I didn't warn you ;)


Metallic Wonderland

This month I decided to take part in the Weekly Nail Art Challenge because well, there are a few reasons. First, I always wanted to do it and second, all the themes for this month revolve around Christmas and winter. Erm hello? I'm all over it! 

purple gradient delicate metallic snowflakes freehand nails


Blooming Flowers

Me and the flower design are on speaking terms at the moment but let's face it, it won't last! I decided to take advantage of it and created another floral manicure. My last flower mani had a spring-summer vibe and I thought it's only fitting I should do an autumn-winter one. This one is also a lot simpler and there is a step by step tutorial too.


Size Matters

There are literally no words to describe how excited I was to finally use my MoYou London festive plate. I swear I was subconsciously brewing some Christmas nail art ideas since June and most of them involved this plate. Last year I used it a lot and I was really looking forward to it this year. It was only when I actually got it out this morning that I discovered one *tiny* problem. Last year my nails were half the length of what they are now and this is not an XL plate....To all of you who are new to stamping it basically means the stamps are too small and don't cover my entire nail bed. Ugh, seriously?!

christmas design pattern jumper sweater french nails