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Abstract Faces

Fair Isle Inspired Nail Art

I was so happy when the recent issue of Nail It magazine finally landed on my door step a few days ago. As you can imagine it was mostly Christmas themed and since I am a Christmas freak, it was right up my street! I spotted a tutorial for a Fair Isle design by @ninanailedit and I knew I had to give it a go.

fair isle christmas glitter pattern reindeer nails


Mani Swap

Ah the dreaded flowers! I can't tell you how many times I failed at this design. If you don't believe me, have a look at any of my feeds. You will find exactly ONE decent floral design. It won't surprise you then, that when the awesome @Nailmachine asked me to do a mani swap with her, I chose to recreate one of her floral manicures. I think I just love making life harder for myself!

floral flowers manicure delicate vintage spring


A (Milky) Way To My Heart

Ok, here's my thing with galaxy nails. It's been done a million times and I was kinda over it. But then this one time, my boyfriend came from a trip to town with some food shopping, a new haircut and oh, a few Barry M polishes...?...?....?!?!?! Well, I'm not going to complain! One of them was a gorgeous limited edition Sparkling Amethyst and it was just begging for galaxy nails. So even though I've done it a few times before, here are some space nails!

galaxy space cosmos sparkle stars nail art


Glamming up!

When I feel a bit poorly and just meh in general, a good pampering session can sort me right out. I'm sure a lot of you ladies out there would agree! A nice bath, face mask and a glass of wine should just about do it for me. Oh and a new design on my claws, obviously! To feel all glammed up I always reach for black and gold. To me these two colours put together are the epitome of glamour!

glam nails stripes glitter half moon tutorial studs


Autumn Quirk-Fest

Have you ever been mushroom picking? My house back home is at the edge of the forest and as a child I used to pick mushrooms pretty much every Autumn. I always make the effort to go home at that time so I can do just that and see my family. And of course, let's be real, it's low season so flights are dead cheap! This year I haven't had a chance to go so I thought I'd take advantage of the fact it's STILL Autumn and create a quirky rustic mushroom design.

mushroom design nails tutorial quirky matte


October Goodies - Nailbox Review

It turned out that while I was blissfully unaware on holidays in one of the most amazing places on Earth I have missed a parcel or two. I finally managed to make my way to the post office depo to find my newest Nailbox waiting for me and I have seriously never been this excited in my entire life! LOOK AT ALL THESE BEAUTIES! This month they seriously *ahem* nailed it *ahem*.

nailbox october review essie nails inc opi rimmel


Born Pretty Store Water Decals Review

Sometimes I like to stick to the current trends and do themed designs. A good example would be Christmas. It's coming soon and I will bombard you with festive designs, so prepare yourself! But today is not that day...yet:p. In the meantime, how about some pastel green nails?

water decals bornprettystore native striped nails nail art


HJ Manicure Review

I'm a genius! I finally figured out what to do during those nights you can't sleep because jetlag is killing you. Paint your nails! Ok, so it doesn't actually 'cure' jetlag but it's definitely a more enjoyable way to pass the time than laying in bed, tossing and turning. I have so many new polishes to try and today I want to show you this little trio from HJ Manicure.

hj manicure subzero coco alpine green review

HJ Manicure is a 5 free, vegan friendly and cruelty free brand. Their range of polish is gorgeous and I love the simple but sophisticated bottles. All the polishes have very long brushes which I am very happy about. I can't tell you how annoying it is to paint long nails with a short brush! I never have enough polish on and it always ends up a bit bumpy. Not a problem with this brand! One thing I'd point out is that you probably need a bit less polish then usual because the brush is so long you may pick up too much and flood your cuticles. Once you realise it though, there is no problem. Let's take a closer look, shall we?


Major Trippin'

I'm having some major holiday blues. Someone take me back to New Zealand! I've been looking through the hundreds of pics I took and completely forgot I took a (very rushed) shot of the design I was rocking on my holidays! Well, the 'rocking' part didn't last much past the take off but I'll get to that in a minute!

beige nails inc colville mews stamp moyou london