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nail art
Abstract Faces

Baroque wallpaper

I've recently purchased a few MoYou stamping plates and they finally arrived! Oh it's just like Christmas!

baroque wallpaper studs MoYou stamping


Oriental vibe

First of all, what do you think of my new nail shape? I was seriously bricking myself because I didn't want to get it wrong and cut them really short but I think it wasn't too bad for a first try! Now moving on to the design:D. The reason this mani happened is because I really wanted to use a gold leaf. I was itching to try something I've never tried before. But then I added flowers that kinda remind me of bamboo and the entire design looks a bit oriental to me now and I just love it!

flowers gold leaf ombre oriental


Royal crest

Today's design is very posh, obviously, check out the title! It was inspired by...my parents' living room floor ;). However there is a royal twist so keep on reading to find out!


Marvel at marble

I don't like marble. I know it's expensive and sleek and blah blah but to me it feels cold and uninviting. So to warm it up a bit I added some yellow and orange. I know what you're thinking, how's this a marble? Where are the typical white/grey/black shades? Well turns out there IS in fact a marble that looks (more or less) like this:

Marble studs yellow orange cling film

No seriously, trust me, I'm a geographer...
and I googled it:p

Strawberry Bliss

I know this may be a bit too much of a spring/summer thing but I felt like doing a fruit design. I only tried it once before but back then I didn't even know what a detail brush was so you can imagine how fun THAT was for someone with a bad temper. Either way I decided to try again and here's the result:

fruit red strawberries leaves vine


Always look on the bright side!

If you read my last post then you know I have a lot of varnishes I have never used. Well it's all about to change! Prepare yourself for some serious colour overload. NOTE: Not for the fainthearted. Or those who don't want impaired vision. You may say this is a bit bright as in omg-my-eyes-are-hurting bright...or you can look on the bright side (get it :p) and say it's NOTICEABLE, and let's face it who doesn't want their mani to be just that, right? Also did you know today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year? Pfff, not with this combo it isn't!

blue green ombre gold studs


Candy crush!

I've recently colour coded all my polishes and realised I own at least 5 identical reds. It also turned out I have varnishes that have never even been opened! What a muppet! And this is how or rather why this mani happened. I realised that recently I've limited myself mostly to a winter/festive palette. So here is very cute, very unwintery, pastel cupcake design. And what ya gonna do?! ;)

pastel cupcake cute stripes candy nailart


Winter blues

Man, I miss winter views. Snow, clear sky, the sun and nice fresh air. I don't really get it where I live now. But I suppose I've seen it all this year when I went home. So now that I'm back and not restricted to a few techniques and varnishes, I can do all sorts of nail art :D First up, since it's still winter, is my take on a snowflake design!

blue white MoYou snowflake nailart


Distressed over nails!

The story of my bloody life! Ever happened to you? Then you really need to try this dry brush technique. It so easy and quick and the best thing? All you need are some varnishes! I am still away from home and only have a bunch of tools and polishes so this technique is really up my street. It's perfect when you travel because there's no need for tools or even a good light and forget about being precise. Honesty just relax and enjoy because nothing can go wrong here as far as I am concerned. In my book that's prolonged life expectancy by at lest 2 years. Result!

I struggled to take the right shot because the design kinda makes your eyes go weird sometimes! But it does that in real life too so there you go. 


Water(fall) Closet

This is the first time I decided to publish a waterfall design. Let me tell you now that if you've found yourself struggling with this design don't give up. My first attempts...OMG, I don't even want to think back to the nerves, tears and blaming the entire world for my less than perfect attempt. Try a different brush or a set of different colours or just give it a rest for a few days (months in my case). Or do what worked best for me in the end: pull your finger out! :p

pinky purple glitter waterfall nailart

The base colour for all the nails in Golden Rose Rich Color 135. When I picked it up in the shop I thought it was black but it's actually a really dark purple (although after 2 coats it looks black anyway). The colours I used for the waterfall effect are Bourjois Paris 12 Rouge Obscur, Golden Rose Color Expert 87, Orly Harmonious Mess, Miss Selene 259, OPI Samba-dy Loves Purple, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 102. To apply the colours I used a striping brush that I got cheap online. It's not the best but I can handle it better now that my hands are a bit more experienced with brushes in general. Anyway I already ordered a nice set of brushes and just can't wait to use them! I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite which made the design super glossy and very hard to picture without my light box which I had to leave at home. I still like it though and hope you do too!