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Carnival Water Marble Nail Art for Mardi Gras

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It's kind of ironic that today is the last day of Carnival and I only now decided to whip out some fun and bright colours. I don't know about you, but I got to the point where I am sick of this weather so Carnival or not, my bright OPI polishes came out to play and they ain't going nowhere!

I was trying to figure out a way to combine the entire OPI Mexico City collection into one design. For this water marble look I used 5 colours out of the 12 piece collection and I am calling it a win. And considering I haven't watermarbled in months, I'm calling it a win in general.

If you haven't heard of water marble, it's a technique where you drip nail polish in a cup with water, squiggle a pattern and then dip your fingers in, transferring that pattern onto your nails. It's best to apply a white nail polish to your nails first and let it dry fully as that way the colours and patterns are much more visible. It's also a bit messy so I use MoYou Cuticle Guard around my nails. I have a tutorial HERE if you'd like to see how it's done.

This design was kind of spontaneous so as you can imagine, things went wrong at first. I not sure what tipped me over the edge, was it the fact that I created my design in the cup but forgot to paint my nail white to begin with? Or perhaps that I dipped my finger in the coloured water only to realise I didn't apply the cuticle guard? I am not sure but in the end I had to fire up my laptop and put Harry Potter on just to take my mind off things. 

Eventually though, towards the end of the film, I finally ended up with a design I was happy with. I used a tiny espresso cup and 5 OPI colours: Telenovela Me About It, Don't Tell a Sol, Verde Nice to Meet You, Mexico City Move-Mint and Coral-ing Your Spirit Animal.

opi mexico city water marble nail art mardi gras

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried water marble? It's not for the fainthearted ;) 

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