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'Ard as Nails | The Hashtag and Blogsquad Collections

ard as nails hashtag blogsquad collection swatches review

Today's post is very VERY picture heavy as I have 2 collections to show you. The reason I'm showing both of them to you is because 'Ard as Nails online shop has had a revamp and is finally open tomorrow. When these collections came out a few weeks ago I think they were gone in about 1 day (!) so time is of the essence here. If you want to get your hands on these beauties you need to act fast!


Nail Art | Diabolical Nail Varnish

Have you ever seen the Grand Budapest Hotel? It's one of my favourite films so when Firebox contacted me about a nail polish set inspired by it, I was excited to test it out!

diabolical nail varnish firebox grand budapest hotel nailart


Celestial Cosmetics | Unicorn Fields & Celestial Dream

We are continuing with the Celestial Cometics here on Furious Filer. I hope you're not tired of holo because I'm on some sort of holo streak these days!

celestial dream unicorn fields swatch celestial cosmetics review


Celestial Cosmetics Valyrio Collection | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

I love indie polishes, simple as that. I was never really a sparkle person but there's just something about a holographic effect that is so lush. As you can imagine when Rainbow Connection, a UK stockist of international indie brands, approached me about trying a few indie shades I couldn't say no! 
celestial cosmetics valyrio collection holographic review furiousfiler macro


ABC Challenge: H is for Holo

If you're wondering why you're seeing another ABC Challenge post for the second time this week, there's an explanation. My time management has been seriously crap. Um, yeah, that's all I've got I'm afraid. Quick, let's have a look at today's design, I can feel the awkward silence creeping in!

jewels holographic shell pastel purple accent nails


OPI Softshades 2016 Pastels | Swatches, Nail Art and Review

Think 'OPI', what comes to your mind? Leading in nail care? Professional looking nails you can do at home? Salon finish? My experience with OPI has always been fab and these were certainly my thoughts. Until I tried the Softshades Pastels Collection, that is.

opi softshades pastels review furious filer delicate swatches


ABC Challenge: G is for Glass Nails

Oh look, I'm late for another ABC Challenge. Whaaaat??! I know right, that's like, SOO out of character. I received this glass paper* from Born Pretty Store a while ago and since last week's prompt was the letter 'G' I decided it was time to test it out.

festival shattered glass boho pattern nude nail art


ABC Challenge: F is for Feathers

Do you know what is one of my favourite designs on nails? No, you probably don't because I've never done it until now! I don't know where the logic is in that but there you go. It's actually feathers. I attempted to hand paint them once and decided it's best not to venture there again for the sake of my sanity. However since April, me and and all the lucky ladies that got their hands on the Hitched themed MeeBox* are now proud owners of a Bundle Monster plate in collaboration with Ellandish. And guess what pattern is on it? Feathers!

feathers jelly marble smooshy studded stamping delicate #nailpolishsocietyabc


A England Russian Soul | Polovetsian Dances

It's time to show you the last polish from A England's Russian Soul Collection. It's purple so I'm pretty excited about this one! Here's Polovetsian Dances*.

a england russian soul polovetsian dances swatch review


A England Russian Soul Collection | Waltz of the Flowers

Another day, another review. Surely you're not tired of holo by now? Good, because I have more coming your way! Today we'll be looking at Waltz of the Flowers*, another gorgeous holo from A England's Russian Soul Collection. 

a england swatch waltz of the flowers holographic


A England Russian Soul | Katyusha

a england katyusha swatch metallic gold olive holographic

As I promised in my previous post, today I'm sharing with you my favourite shade from the new A
England Collection, Russian Soul. Say hello to Katyusha*


A England Russian Soul Collection | Natasha's Dance War & Peace

Ever since I discovered a black holo that featured in the Rihanna inspired MeeBox* I have been a tad obsessed. So imagine my delight when a dark holographic polish turned out to be one of the shades in A England's newest collection, Russian Soul! I'm talking about the gorgeous Natasha's Dance War & Peace*.

swatch holo a england russian soul dark blue


A England Russian Soul Collection | Kalinka

A new collection from A England is here and boy, it doesn't disappoint! Russian Soul Collection features a set of '5 holographic shades that are inspired by Russian music and dance'. It is such a luxurious range and I am absolutely in love with all the colours. I decided that I will be showcasing one polish on the blog everyday so prepare yourself for the amount of holo that's coming your way! We're starting off with Kalinka*. 

a england russian soul kalinka swatch holographic silver


ABC Challenge: E is for Elegant

Today's ABC Challenge calls for a design that starts with a letter 'E' and my first thought was actually 'eggs'. Have you seen those nails with fried eggs painted on them? I can't quite remember who came up with it but I think it's so cute and quirky. I've gone off the idea though, after someone egged my window during the Bank Holiday weekend. At first I hoped the torrential rain would sort that out for me but sadly that didn't happen. So instead of cleaning it like a normal person would, I decided to cheat and splashed HOT water over it...Needless to say I have a bloody omelet plastered on my window. Not my finest moment.

elegant damask faded gradient stamping studs luxurious nails