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Stamper marble featuring Born Pretty Store review

marble nails, stamper marble, metallic border

Recently I've been obsessed with marble nails. I keep drooling over marble nails on all social platforms but there is NO WAY I'm going to attempt water marble myself. Just...no. So I was so excited to discover there is a technique that can get you marbled nails and it's nowhere near as messy as water marble. Result! All you have to use is a stamper! I first saw this done by @ConstantlyPolished. Whether she came up with this idea, I don't know!


Practice makes perfect...right?!

nimbus studded bright mermaid nail art

I was looking through my designs the other day and I thought, I really need to try something new! I came across the Nimbus design by The Nailasaurus and just had to try it myself. I have to say it's harder than it looks! After a few ARRRGG's and UGGGHH's I decided that an accent nail would do for now...mainly because it was the only one that looked anything like the original! In the end though I covered it with a stamp because I think it needs more practicing before I show it to the world properly!



salamander, animal print, dotticure, black glitter

I was so excited to do this design. It's so bold and eye catching! Also, I don't use yellow that often and this one is a (tiny) part of my American haul. I've promised myself to try all of those polishes before I buy any new ones and I've stuck to it. Well, sort of...


It's a miracle!

flower nail wraps studs ted baker

You are not going to believe what happened! First of all, I got these cool Ted Baker nail wraps on sale in Boots for £1. Yep, you heard me, one quid! They are so gorgeous, I couldn't believe my luck. But, me and wraps? Erm, I've not had the best experiences because they often stick out and crease on my nails. And there it is, a miracle, these don't! They are very different from any wraps I've used so far and I'm so happy I got to try them.



80's nails colourful doodle jazzy shapes

I honestly don't know what came over me when I was doing this design. I didn't have anything in mind, I just knew what colours I wanted to use and started doodling away! The thing with colourful, in your face kind of nails is that they're awesome...on someone else! I love this design, but maybe because it's so different, I feel a bit self-conscious wearing it. But what the hell, it's summer so I'm rocking these!


I'm daring to go nude!

Yes, I totally stole that line from a recent make up advert! Nude colours are not really my thing but recently I bought Golden Rose Color Expert 101 and I really wanted to use it. It's so creamy and gorgeous. I was going to leave it as a swatch but then I thought...naaah, I need to add something! I decided on MoYou London stamp and these delicate triangles* from bornprettystore.com


Holiday Views

cactus thorns green desert las vegas

Someone, please take me back to Vegas! I missed the heatwave we had in England a few days ago and this rainy weather is seriously making coming back home so much worse. Not to mention the jet lag is absolutely killing me! Anyway, I keep thinking back to my holiday and that inspired me to do some cactus nail art. After all, Las Vegas is in a desert!


Happy Independence Day!

nail stickers, american nails, american flag, independence nails

I find myself really lucky that I can experience this holiday in America. The 4th of July nails were a no brainer, it had to happen! This design features some of my "American Haul" such as Sally Hansen Red Carpet and Pacific Blue. This gorgeous glittery red must be my favouite red EVER! It applies like a dream, dries really fast and has so much depth and sparkle. I love it! I didn't realise that the Pacific Blue was a jelly but ah well. It has a very bright but strong colour and I'm sure I'll make use of it.


Poker face

poker nails cards stripes wsop

Today I've decided on poker nails and there's a good reason for it: I'm in Vegas! My boyfriend is playing in the WSOP which takes FOREVER so it leaves me plenty of time to do my nails without feeling like I'm missing out on what Vegas has to offer. Having said that, I'd rather sizzle by the pool and sip a cocktail then sit in the room and paint nails! This is why I thought water decals are the way to go. These water decals* are from bornprettystore.com and are just perfect for this occasion.