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Pansies and Born Pretty Store rhinestones review

I know it's winter and all, but I really felt like flower nail art today! I optted for this gorgeous metallic blue because it has been waaay too long since I last used it. So today I have for you some pansies inspired nail art featuring a review of rhinestones, provided as a free sample from bornprettystore.com.

What I used:
Miss Sporty 3160
2true shade 26
Deni Carte 38
Rhinestones Nail Art Decorations

At first I thought I was going to use a blue base on all nails but then I changed my mind. Still, I thought I'd show you the swatch of this Miss Sporty 3160 because I just love this colour.

In the end I painted my ring finger with Deni Carte 38. I created the flowers using a detail brush, fan brush, Miss Sporty 3160 and 2true shade 26. The latter was surprisingly opaque compared to the other 2true varnishes I used before. First I painted on the petals using a detail brush and added another colour with a small section of a fan brush to make it look like pansies. I then applied a top coat and before it dried, added some rhinestones in matching colours. I prefer to do it that way but of course you can use glue or just a drop of top coat to place the decorations and then seal it with top coat. 

The rhinestones come in a wheel with 12 sections. There's a variation of colours, pinks, blues, reds, but my favourite feature has to be the finish. They are, as you may expect, cut like 'jewels' like most rhinestones, so they catch the light at the right angle. The difference is that these decorations are very opaque and have this rich creamy finish. They are not see through and they don't sparkle as such but I actually really like that! The colours are really vibrant which I find you don't get very often with rhinestones. They are easy to apply with a hoof stick even though they are only 1mm wide. The only problem I have with them is that sometimes you can find a rhinestone that has some frilly bits attached (doesn't have a clean cut). By sometimes I mean I found 3 so far, so hardly a problem, but I wanted to give you the full picture and my honest opinion! Besides, there are approx. 400 pieces in the box for, what I think is, a bargain price of $3.56 (approx. £2.30). Also if you use my code SXL91 you'll be entitled to a 10% off! Even more of a bargain! And don't forget that Bornprettystore offers free shipping internationally. Mega Bargain!

born pretty store discount

Thanks so much for reading!