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Maaan this winter weather is seriously getting me depressed! It's so cold that last time I went to town I literally couldn't feel my ears. Well screw that! I want summer and warmth and summer dresses and sunny weather so I can stop being so bloody MISERABLE! Since that's not going to happen for a while the only inkling of summer is on my nails. There winter, in your face!

Summer, colourful, negative space, dry brush, chevrons

Ciate - Hidden Gem
Deni Carte 38
Golden Rose Paris 151
2true shade 26
Golden Rose Color Expert 60

Honestly, I really needed some summer colours in my life right now so I can imagine I'm on some exotic holidays and not in the freezing cold. Ok, rant over.

To create this look I used a dry brush technique which is really easy. First I applied 2 chevron stickers and painted my nails with Deni Carte 38. As soon as I was done I peeled off the chevrons and let my nails dry. I then reapplied new chevron stickers in place of the old ones to protect the clear space. Now the real fun begins. I love using this technique because it's so quick and the effects are so unusual. All you have to do is open your varnish and swipe away all the excess polish off the brush. Next you want to apply the brush on your nail to form a distressed kind of look. If it's not patchy enough, you still have too much varnish on the brush. In this mani I used Ciate - Hidden Gem, Golden Rose Paris 151, 2true shade 26, Golden Rose Color Expert 60. In the end I thought I wanted a bolder look so I applied all of the colours again. Peel off the stickers, apply top coat and you're done! Easy peasy. If you like the look of these nails you may also like this mani. 

I am still trying to figure out the perfect nail shape. So far I've done squoval and a kind of cross between square but pointy. Now I'm onto almond...more or less. I have to say so far I like it a lot more than any other shapes I've had before. Then again, I've only had it for one day so this may be excitement talking! On a serious note though I do think it makes my nails and hands look more delicate.

Side note: Any tips on surviving cold/stay-at-home-all-day/hermit days?


  1. Lovely mani and I love the shape! I had almonds for a while and it's a gorgeous shape. Very feminine

  2. Lovely mani and I love the shape! I had almonds for a while and it's a gorgeous shape. Very feminine

    1. Aww thanks! I feel like this nail shape business is tricky, I'm never happy with it. As soon as I see a gorgeous mani I instantly want that exact nail shape!