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One of the many things I like to do when I go home is scour for nail polishes. I find that varnishes abroad are so much cheaper so I never miss a chance to top up my ever growing collection! This time I got this gorgeous pastel purple (amongst many others) which is very similar to Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary, just a tiny bit more purple. I've run out while I was here so I was on the look out for something similar.

The New Cid varnish was actually in the Cosmopolitan I picked up at the airport. I have to say, it has a very unusual smell. I don't think I've ever had a polish with a scent like that so I really noticed it! The colour is gorgeous! I would say it's a neon orange/red. It dries really quickly and 2 coats are ok but I'm wearing 3 here because to me it was still a tiny bit patchy in places. 

New Cid Crepe Suzette
Collection Going for Gold
Golden Rose Rich Color 103

I really wanted to do a geometric design but in my head that always means striping tape and for the sake of my sanity I just can't deal with that! This is free hand and although it's not perfect I still like it considering I did it really late at night and was absolutely knackered! The inspiration for this came from ConstantlyPolished who's designs are bloody gorgeous! You can check out her instagram here. 

That's it from me! What do you think to my *AHEM* fab free hand skills? :P

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    1. Thank you! I still think I need to work on my free hand technique haha!