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Today I've decided on poker nails and there's a good reason for it: I'm in Vegas! My boyfriend is playing in the WSOP which takes FOREVER so it leaves me plenty of time to do my nails without feeling like I'm missing out on what Vegas has to offer. Having said that, I'd rather sizzle by the pool and sip a cocktail then sit in the room and paint nails! This is why I thought water decals are the way to go. These water decals* are from bornprettystore.com and are just perfect for this occasion.

There are 32 symbols all together on my sheet and they come in 2 sizes. I'm wearing the bigger ones. Like all the water decals I have tried so far from bornprettystore.com they apply like a dream. I just followed the instructions on the back and voila, perfect poker nails! If you'd like to find out how I apply water decals I did a step by step guide here. I free handed the numbers and yes, I noticed (a bit too late) that the numbers on the bottom should have been upside down. Sigh!

I've discovered quite recently, my love for stripes. I really enjoy painting them! The black and white I'm using here are Essence Black is Back and Wild White Ways.

poker nails cards clubs wsop stripes

The purple polish is one of my new hauls and I'm so dissapointed with it! First of all it's matte. It's not the end of the world but I'm pretty sure it didn't say anywhere that it was. It's Island Girl Hawaii Aloha Dream and I only bought it because I'm keen on trying all the polishes that I've seen you girls use that are not widely available in the UK. The application was very streaky. I find that this happens with most matte polishes which is why I'm not a fan! Also it had a very plastic feel to it and chipped the same day I put it on. By chipped I mean half of the polish came off. Not a happy bunny! 

The World Series Of Poker is still going so if you're a fan or just like playing poker you can get these water decals* here. You can also use my code SXL91 for 10% OFF at checkout. What do you think? Xx

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