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Fair Isle Inspired Nail Art

I was so happy when the recent issue of Nail It magazine finally landed on my door step a few days ago. As you can imagine it was mostly Christmas themed and since I am a Christmas freak, it was right up my street! I spotted a tutorial for a Fair Isle design by @ninanailedit and I knew I had to give it a go.

fair isle christmas glitter pattern reindeer nails

I have to say I didn't struggle with it too much as it involved mainly stripes but once I took the picture one annoying thing came to my attention. For the base of this manicure I used Rimmel Danny Boy Blue but I didn't realise it was a jelly-crelly kind of polish and I'm sure I've used it before! Even with three coats you could still see my nail line but the colour was very deep. Perhaps because it is a dark colour to begin with? I didn't think much of it though since it would be covered with a pattern anyway. I corrected my lines and was quite pleased with myself. But when I placed my hand in the lightbox I realised the polish was very see through and my wonky lines were showing! Ah well, at least it's a bit less visible in a day light. And let's face it, these days we only get about 4 hours of day light anyway!

christmas jumper sweater navy hearts embellishment nails

I wasn't angry for too long though because I think this polish is stunning, such a vibrant navy! I used Barry M Cotton and Nails Inc Tate for my lines. I also added a reindeer embellishment that I got from shesellsseashells.co.uk absolutely ages ago and couldn't wait to finally use it! It's a bit delicate having so many details but it laid flat on my nails once I applied a top coat and didn't catch on anything. 

For the rest of my nails I used Barry M Cotton topped with Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch Glitter Top Coat. 

fair isle glitter stripes hearts reindeer christmas nails

So it's official then, Christmas has officially began here at Furious Filer HQ. Prepare yourself because I have LOADS of Christmas stuff coming your way! See you soon x


  1. I love these. Excellent use of the reindeer embellishment. They're Christmassy without being over the top, perfect for early Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much for saying that! I think it's the colour palette that makes it not too Christmassy but still festive:)