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Kawaii MeeBox: Nail Art and Review

Do you remember a few days ago I said that I wasn't really feeling any cute designs? Well, forget that, my new MeeBox is here and it's a cuteness overload! We have pastel shades and a few nail goodies that will help you create the sweetest manicure in no time. 

meebox kawaii review meebox ambassador cute subscription box

Never heard of MeeBox? Basically, all you need to know is that it is a subscription box for nail lovers. And that you, my friend, have been living under a rock! The three girls behind MeeBox bring you the coolest themes every month and corresponding nail goodies. This month the theme is KAWAII, meaning cute. There are soft pastel shades, Happy Cat nail clippers and smiling appliance water decals from YRNAILS. Let's have a look! 

Let's start with the swatches. Usually I'd begin with my favourite but I don't actually have one. I love them all! This is Lauren B 'My Private Cabana'* and it's a lovely light pastel green. Lauren B is a USA based brand that delivers nail goodies that are 5 free and cruelty free. I found the formula really  easy to work with and opaque. Here I'm wearing 2 coats. 

lauren b my private cabana pastel green swatch

Next up is Color Club 'Hot Hot Hot Pants'*. It's a neon pastel. I've never tried this kind of polish before but I loooove it! I found the formula a little bit streaky but nothing that 3 thin coats couldn't fix! This shade makes my hand look so tanned. That will definitely come in handy in the summer for miss pale face over here!

color club hot hot hot pants meebox swatch

The last shade in the box was Cuccio 'Under a Blue Moon'*. It's such a perfect baby blue colour. I'm so glad that I finally got to try Cuccio! Here I'm wearing 2 thin coats. 

cuccio under a blue moon swatch meebox pastel

Time for some nail art! I thought to myself, wouldn't it be a good idea to create an edgy geometric design out of soft colours? Erm, no. No matter how hard I tried to make this nail art edgy, it came out so cute my head just exploded into candy. Still, I love it! All the details are free handed using my weapon of choice, a striping brush.

geometric pastel freehand chevrons meebox kawaii art deco

Do you know what could simply be the epithomy of cute? Happy toaster water decals! If you've never used water decals before, don't worry, they come with instructions. These are from YRNAILS * and feature hearts, toasters and toasts. I thought it'd be really nice to use one of them on my accent nail for a minimalistic design. Until I realised I couldn't just choose one of them (I mean, just look at them!) so I went a bit cray cray and stacked them all up! I stopped myself just in time to create a nice negative space design. I added stripes on my other nail because stripes are life! <3

pastel cute yrnails water decals stripes negative space

I've found another way to get away with a floral design, yay! And when I say I found it, I mean Ruth's Nail Art found it and I just copied because it's stunning. This simple and delicate flower design is right up my street. There is no shading involved, just a few lines and strokes and you're done! So perfect for spring too!

delicate easy flowers nails meebox kawaii pastel

This is one of the reasons I love MeeBox. No matter how funky their themes sound, the goodies inside the box are always relevant. I'm sure I'll be using these gorgeous pastel shades in the spring months. MeeBox also give you a hint of what's to come so you have an idea of whether that is something you'd like. Sometimes subscription boxes can be tricky and there is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on something that is supposed to be exciting but turns out to be anything but. Trust me, I know the feeling! Not that it ever happened to me with MeeBox. I loved every single box so far! To find out more about the previous boxes check out my Blackberry Margarita and Red Carpet reviews.

What do you guys think about this month's MeeBox and my designs? Just one more thing before I go. I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I am now the official MeeBox Ambassador! That means you can expect more goodies from MeeBox on this blog every month! See you soon xx

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  1. Fantastic colors and finishes and that geometric nail art is so breathtaking beautiful that I can not take my eyes of it!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! I love all the colours, such a great little box of treats! Xx

  2. The colours in the Kawaii meBox are fabulous. THE GEOMETRIC DESIGN ID FABULOUS !