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Twinkled T | Water Marble Scribbles Nail Art

Let's talk vinyls. I have to admit that vinyls and I have a love-hate realationship. I really like the different effects you can create but the fact that my nails are very curved makes it a bit complicated, not to mention, BLOODY ANNOYING! But recently I got myself a couple of vinyls from Twinkled T and I have to say I'm so happy with them! I used the scribble pattern to create this colourful design.

water marble scribbles vinyls stencils twinkled t nails

I really like the material the vinyls are made of. They feel plastic but not rigid. At the same time they are mouldable but keep their shape, which works great for my curved nails. What's also great is that there are 48 scribbles on one sheet! I added my vinyls to a water marble design I've done a few posts back. You can check out the water marble nail art on its own and the polishes I used to create it here

nail vinyls stencils scribbles twinkled t nail art

The mauve colour on top is Essie Flowerista and I got it in my recent Nailbox. A separate post featuring the swatches and nail art is coming soon, in the meantime, check out my review of the previous Nailbox.

water marble nails stencils vinyls scribbles 80s funky

I've seen vinyls used over water marble before so I realise this is not the most original nail art you've ever seen but I always wanted to try it. It's a bit bonkers with all the colours going on but I love it!

I got my vinyls directly from twinkledt.com. What do you guys think? Xx

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