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French Manicure with Mavala Optical Nail Whitener

How do you feel about a french manicure? I have to admit it's not really my thing. Mostly because it was the first 'nail art' I used to do on myself as a teenager. That was back in the Naughties and according to my very well hidden pictures just about EVERYTHING from that time was just a huge, ongoing cringe fest. I'm afraid to me, french nails were a part of it! Surely though, some pieces from the Naughties can make a come back? Preferably not my then-haircut. Don't even get me started on that. 

french manicure nails classic wedding delicate work appropriate

I actually really like these nails a lot more then I thought I would and I wore them for a good 4 days. I think a lot of it has to do with the colour of the base I chose. I used Mavala Mava-White Optical Nail Whitener because it makes my nails look bright and 'clean' as if they were literally whitened. It's also pink based (not that you can tell from these pics) which I love because I am really not a fan of those beigey type french manis. I applied the white tip free hand using Barry M Cotton and the brush that comes with it. I sealed my design with Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat.

french manicure mavala optical nail whitener white tips

What do you think about this popular design? What did you look like in the Naughties? Share some pictures. Lol, only joking! Feel free to share some stories though!

To see a version of this design on almond nails (and the accurate shade of the polish) have a look at this post.