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Tribal Design Featuring BPS Water Decals

It's been a bit quiet here recently but trust me when I say I've not been doing sweet bugger all! I have been playing around with water decals because I am absolutely obsessed! I think a lot of girls find them boring but I found that it's ridiculous just how many looks you can create with even the simplest water decals. I'll be sharing them with you soon but for now here is a tribal design I've done using water decals*  from bornprettystore.com. 

tribal nails water decals studs arrows mint monochrome

This sheet of water decals* features a lot of tribal patterns, chevrons and arrows. It is divided into two colour sections, a black and a grey one. The black patterns are set in a clear base so you can apply it over any colour.
tribal aztec pattern water decals chevrons arrows furiousfiler

At first I thought that the grey section of the decals was white but set against a grey background. It turns out it's the other way round. I have to say I found it a bit disappointing as you can only use this section of the decals with a white base to make the grey visible. Other than that I had no problems with applying the decals and I absolutely love the patterns selection.

studs water decals monochrome tribal aztec nails arrows

You can find the direct link to these water decals* here. I paired my design with Ciate Pepperminty, Barry M Black and Cotton and a selection of studs also from Born Pretty Store. Don't forget you can use my discount code SXL91 to get 10% OFF your order at bornprettystore.com. 

What do you think? I really love the splash of colour in a monochrome design. It's a nice way to introduce spring shades into your manicures!

See you soon! xx

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