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ABC Challenge: D is for Decals

I felt like it was about time to change things up, so my pointy claws are back! Well, they're not quite 'claws' yet but they'll get there. I just seriously didn't trust myself with square nails as they were getting long. It was so easy to snap the corners and, for whatever reason, they were constantly peeling. Annoying or what?!

anastazja water decals snake skin side half moon

So, a new nail shape for a new challenge! If you don't know what I'm talking about, have a look at this post by Emiline, who's hosting this challenge. This week the prompt is the letter 'D' and I went for Decals. When I say 'decals' I mean WATER decals. You might remember that a few months ago I got an epic water decals nail mail from Anastazja*. I have incorporated a few of them into nail art so far but there are so many more that I want to use. Now, if you look at the schedule of this challenge, the letter 'W' is somewhere in November and I ain't waiting that long to use these! 

neon yellow models own sargon wrap animal print

Mini-11 water decals* are kind of like a colourful snake skin. They are edgy but fun and I paired them with Models Own Sarong Wrap* and Cirque Page Six. I'm really liking my bright colours at the moment! I have been obsessed with applying decals in any but the 'traditional' way and so this time I decided to go for a side half moon design! If you're looking for some inspo, have a look at my striped water decal design with a picture tutorial here.

What do you think about it? Don't forget to check out my review of Anastazja water decals* here


  1. Ooh this design is gorgeous, I love how you incorporated the decals. Vicky xx

  2. This is gorgeous !! I love everything : the colors, the decals and the way you used them ! So unique !

    1. Thank you so much! I love playing with decals! Xx