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Boho MeeBox: Nail art, Swatches and Review

'It's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'mma spend my money!' is totally what the MeeBox girls are singing this month. That's right, my favourite nail subscription box has just turned one. The time is flying! I can't believe that I have been a small part of it for the past half a year too as your MeeBox Ambassador. Now, what's a birthday without presents, right? MeeBox has you covered. This month along with your usual 3 polishes and 2 nail related products we are also treated to an extra goodie. And let me tell you, it is stunning!

meebox boho review furious filer nail subscription box

Cuccio 'Prince I've Been Gone'* RRP £7.95

cuccio Prince i've been gone swatch meebox furious filer

Let's start with my favourite. Prince I've Been Gone by Cuccio is a deep green creme. The formula is good and I needed 2 coats for perfect coverage. I'm not really the one to go for green shades but I'm loving how this one goes with my skin tone. I'll definitely be rocking it in the autumn months ahead.

Barry M 'Green Berry'* RRP £3.99
barry m green berry turquoise furious filer swatch

The best way I can think of how to describe this colour is bright greeny turquoise. It has a good formula and I love the round brush which makes the application much less messy. Here I'm wearing 2 coats.

Zoya 'Aggie'* RRP £11.70

zoya aggie swatch gold metallic midi ring furious filer

This polish required 3 thin coats for perfect opacity, which made me wonder if perhaps it needed a base coat. I had a quick look at Zoya website to check and 3 coats sounds about right. When it came to the colour, Zoya basically sent me back to school. Am I the only one to question what 'gold holo flip liquid metal with bronze micro glitter' means?! In my words, it would be a gold metallic that leans to bronze and a little bit to green. I can also see the micro glitter but I'm not sure about the holo bit! Still, the final effect is really pretty and I used it as a base in my new video tutorial! More about that next week;)

Sterling Silver Boho Ring* RRP £10.99

Have you noticed a little something on my um, ring finger? As I mention before, MeeBox turned one this month and we all got a little gift to celebrate. I have to say, I'm a sucker for midi rings so I was super excited to find one in my box! From what I've seen so far all over social media, there were a few kinds of designs and I got a beautiful fox. It is stunning! It's an adjustable piece of jewellery so it's perfect if you want to wear it on different fingers. Mine, I have to say, fits perfectly on my ring, middle and index fingers without any adjustments.

MeeBox Nail Polish Remover 'The Grape Escape'* RRP £3

meebox the grape escape nail polish remover review furious filer

Another treat in the box was MeeBox own acetone free nail polish remover. I always use acetone free products to get rid of my polish so this is right up my street. The bottle itself holds 50 ml of the remover and it's pink! Because of its size, I immediately thought that it would be perfect for travelling. It also has a flip lid that holds well so no worrying about spillage. In fact, as soon as this product is finished, I'm reusing the bottle for that purpose. It will be a nice change from my standard 100 ml (boring) travel bottle! The remover is grape and raspberry scented and although in the bottle it has quite a strong 'fragrance-like' smell, once your polish is removed it leaves a delicate fruity aroma on your nails. I found that the polish came off really easily, no unnecessary rubbing involved. And let me tell you, removing my HK Girl top coat is no easy task!

Miss Cat Nails 'Metallic Leaf'* RRP £2.49

miss cat nails metallic leaf foil review furious filer

I haven't used a metallic leaf in forever so it was fun to have a play with this one. Instead of being your typical one shade metallic leaf, this one is multicoloured. I have to say, I didn't even know they existed! It has a mix of gold, bronze and green/turquoise colours which go great with all the polishes featured in the box. Now let's smoothly move on to nail art!
ruffian design nails midi ring furious filer gold

Now I am no expert in applying anything fiddly but I actually didn't find this problematic at all. I got a little bit of the metallic leaf out of the pot and tore it to pieces on my silicone mat. DON'T do it with your hands, you will in fact, lose it. I used two hoof sticks. I applied the bits to tacky polish and ta dah, a metallic ruffian design appeared on my nails.

metallic leaf ruffian green midi ring fox furious filer

The leaf itself was very soft so once I applied a top coat, nothing was sticking out. Not to mention a little goes a long way. I've done my entire hand and it looks as if I never touched the product at all. I'm pretty impressed with this little pot!

Nail Art - Striped Design
stripes grown up furious filer meebox boho gold

Since the polishes go so well together I HAD TO combine them all into one final manicure and of course, it had to be stripes. Yes, stripes because they are the best kind of design ever. No, no, don't argue, they are;) So armed with my striping brush, this is what I created. I love this design, I was so sad to take it off!

stripes nails green turquoise gold furious filer meebox boho

So there you have it, all the goodies from the Boho MeeBox. The value of this box was twice the amount of what you actually pay for it (£20), so that's like getting all your goodies half price. Gotta love a bargain! You can subscribe to MeeBox on their website.

Would you believe me if said I intended for this post to be a lot shorter? I'm pretty sure I did and somehow it became an essay! What do you think about the box and my designs?

*The products in the post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Fabulous review hun and I love your nail art :) Great swatches as always xx