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Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial for Nail Spec

Do you know what I've been recently obsessed with? Toffee Cornettos. Seriously, I can't get enough! I am aware that my 'beach body' will not thank me for that but quite frankly, since summer decided not to show up this year, I officially decided not to give a crap.
Ice cream cornetto drips mint nail art tutorial

Ice cream nails have been done a hundred thousand times before, but somehow on my 2 year journey with this blog, I was yet to try it myself. I can see why this design is so popular now. It's very versatile and you can literally use any colours you like. I have also created a tutorial so if want to learn how to make these, keep reading! 
Mint flavour ice cream nails summer tutorial

For this design I went for mint flavoured ice cream. I created these for Nail Spec so if you want to find out all the tools and polishes I used, have a look at my post HERE. See you soon xx


  1. Ooh what a fab tutorial and I love this design. It's funny though because I was just saying I'm fed up of the summer, these hot days are hanging around too long and it's been weeks since its been a dark grey, rainy day. Haha. I'm def an autumn winter kinda gal & for me, this years summer has been too long! Maybe I should wear these nails and cheer up ;)
    Vicky xx

    1. Thanks Vicky! Omg I feel like summer hasn't even arrived yet! I was visiting my family when we had the big heat wave a couple of weeks ago so I missed that but I'm still hoping for a few hot days. At the same time, I'm looking forward to shopping for uggs and massive jumpers:D