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31 Day Challenge: Delicate Print

Yes, you're seeing it right, today's manicure features flowers. I know, totally out of character. Although...didn't I just post a floral design yesterday? Ok, so maybe I did but don't judge me, I didn't have a choice!

furious filer delicate #31dc2016 nicole diary water decals

I really didn't have much time last night to paint my nails so for that extra oomph I added water decals. These are from Nicole Diary (number 08*) and I am hoping to feature a few different designs by the time this challenge is over. The thing I notice with these straight away was that they had to be submerged in water for a bit longer for the backing paper to come off. Other than that they were durable and didn't have that 'plastic' or 'tissue paper' feel. Those often rip when I try to adjust them on my nails. The decals feature a delicate floral pattern on 2 strips of paper as opposed to an individual piece for each nail, so you can choose whatever part of the design you like.

macro florals studs water decals review dry brush

Here's a little close up. I added a delicate dry brush under my decals* using Maybelline Mint for Life and Models Own Chrome Gold.  The studs are from Born Pretty Store. If you shop at bornprettystore.com don't forget to use my code SXL for 10% OFF at checkout. Until tomorrow where the madness continues! Xx