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31 Day Challenge: Half Moon Vintage Lace

How about something vintage today? I love a good old lace design and I thought, why not pair it with my recent favourite purple, 'Ard as Nails Crime Book Junkie* (swatched here). Let's have a look!

Furious filer lace vintage collar half moon holographic

Let me break this look down for you. On my index and middle fingers I applied 2 layers of my purple base. Once it was dry, I added a lace pattern from the Bundle Monster BMXL-201* plate (reviewed here). On the rest of my nails I started by creating negative space half moons since you know, that's what today is all about! I hand painted my collars outline and I was going to leave them like that but they looked a little empty and sad so I added lace too. Stamping the lace over such a tiny space was a bit tricky but I managed in the end! I finished the design with a pair of purple rhinestones and a layer of top coat.

#31dc2016 bmxl-201 stamping lace rhinestones vintage half moon

I'm totally in love with this look, I've wanted to do collar nails for so long! Sigh, this one is going to be tough to take off tonight! Fancy something sparkly? Have a look at my half moon design from last year ;) 

Until tomorrow xx


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the contrast of the white lace pattern over the deep tones of that purple polish.