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1st Anniversary as MeeBox Ambassador and Soft Scoop Review

meebox soft scoop review brand ambassador subscription box

Thanks to MeeBox, this month we are in for a real treat. Literally. Soft Scoop box is inspired by ice cream so think yummy shades, extra toppings and sprinkles. All fat free!

If you don't already know, MeeBox is the only subscription box in the UK dedicated to nail polish lovers. Each month a box containing polish and nail art or nail care products lands on your doorstep. And the best part? All the goodies correspond with a theme which is announced in advance. It's enough to give you an idea of the contents without totally spoiling the surprise.  

This month is extra special for me as it marks a year of me being the MeeBox Ambassador! A whole year, I can't believe how fast it's gone. Can you believe that in that time, I have swatched over 50 polishes and created more than 30 nail art designs for MeeBox? Today I'm adding to that list with a bunch of pastel swatches and delicious nail art.

Trust Fund Beauty Do You Know Who My Father Is?*

trust fund beauty do you know who my father is

First up, a very pretty pastel pink. The formula was 10 FREE (!) and a little on the thicker side. It was almost like an opaque creme jelly, very similar to the Trust Fund Beauty shade featured in the Rio edit. I had a little play with it and I think to get the best results 2 slightly thicker coats are your best choice, followed by a top coat. 

Models Own Banana Split*

models own scented banana split swatch furious filer

This yellow pastel actually smells of banana! You don't even have to open the bottle to get a whiff, you can simply scratch the top of the cap to get an idea of the scent. Kinda like those perfume samples in magazines. I also love the rounded brush, it makes your cuticle line super sleek. Here I'm wearing 3 coats and a top coat.

Iz Beauty of London Baby Blue*

iz beauty of london baby blue swatch pastel

I wasn't sure what to expect from this polish as it was 'a new to me' brand. However, this very pretty pastel blue had a nice formula. The brush really stood out for me as it made the application very easy. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and a layer of top coat.

Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat*

zoya matte velvet top coat review pastel furious filer

I love the feel of shine free, velvet nails so I was really happy to see a matte top coat in the box. This Zoya top coat is 5 FREE and applied like a dream. It didn't dry super fast which I like as I noticed that when you overlap a quick dry polish, it can produce visible streaks. Here is a little skittle mani with a layer of matte top coat over every polish featured in this month's box.

What's Up Nails Neapolitan Confetti*

whats up nails neapolitan confetti pot review

This jar of fun contains large and smaller round confetti pieces. They are all metallic and come in gold, silver, pink and blue. They stick well to a top coat and are pretty thin so don't stick out on the nail. I used them in an ice cream inspired nail art at the end of this post. 

What's Up Nails Dripping Stencils*

whats up nails dripping stencils vinyls review

Vinyls are not my thing BUT these don't go over my entire nails so I'm cool. This was the first time I tried a product from What's Up Nails and I was really impressed by how sturdy but flexible these stencils were. There were 2 types of drip designs, a short narrow one and a longer wider one. It's handy as you can customise your nail art depending on your nails length and width.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that yesterday I had a little *misunderstanding* with these dripping stencils. And by misunderstanding I mean, I ended up peeling the stencil off along with the polish all the way to the freaking Earth's core. This is what happens when you're too impatient to wait for the base to fully dry. However I gave it one final shot and I kinda pulled it off! Scroll down to see the result.

Cornetto Ice Cream Nail Art

I really wanted to play around with different ice cream ideas for my nail art. And who doesn't like a cornetto or a pack of 4 from Tesco? Exactly. 

cornetto ice cream nail art pastel furious filer

For this design I used Trust Fund Beauty Do You Know Who My Father Is?* as my base. I then drew the cones with the pastel blue* and added a few 'scoops' from the confetti pot*. It came out so adorable and I love how glossy the confetti pieces are.

Zap Ice Cream Nail Art

Have any of you ever heard of Zap? It used to be my absolute favourite when I was a child. It's a colourful smooshy like ice cream that (somehow) tastes of toffee and it is divine. Just sayin'. I wanted to recreate it ever since I heard MeeBox was doing an ice cream inspired box.

ice cream drips pastel nail art furious filer

First, I needed a multicoloured base. I created it with a cling film technique and added a dripping sauce effect using What's Up Nails stencils*. Zap doesn't exactly come with a blue sauce but hey, an extra topping never killed nobody!

What do you think about the box and my designs? I'm super happy with the box and I loved creating the nail art. I mean, I have actually successfully used stencils. I think my life is complete.

If you like my spin on nail art, get yourself to London next weekend to get your nails done my me. In collaboration with MeeBox. Oh, and River Island too. Just casually slipping that in like it's no biggie! I'll share more about that with you over the next few days but make a note in your diaries!

Finally, I want to finish this 10 thousand word dissertation by saying a huge thank you to Bee, LJ and Nathalie for letting me be a part of the MeeBox family. It's been the most amazing experience!

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*Products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. First of all congratulations, a whole year is an amazing achievement and I would love to have worked with meebox for that long. Your swatches and designs are gorgeous and if I lived near London, I'd be there to see you and get my nails done.
    Vicky x

  2. Hi Marta, I can't believe I've only just discovered your beautiful blog and its thanks to that lady above, Vicky! :) Your swatches are simply stunning! Congrats on your one year, I've not tried Meebox but am definitely intrigued. Your ice cream nail art ideas are gorgeous!

    Aysh xox