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Retro cherries and first world problems

Today a tragedy has happened. It's late, all shops are closed and my nail varnish remover is finished! And now I don't know what to do with myself. That's how sad my life's got recently ;) I couldn't do any design in case it goes wrong and let's face it, it would. So today I'm wearing one nail varnish. On all nails. In one colour. On ALL NAILS. But hey, let's look at the positives! ....


Yeah...So instead I've decided to share this design with you that I made yesterday. It's my retro take on cherries pattern. I wanted to make cherries design for ages but just couldn't quite get it right. I tried to make them look really tiny but painting them was driving me mad.

retro cherries dots nail art

For this look I used Golden Rose Color Expert 60 for black base. To create the cherries I used very long thin brush and dotting tool. I tried a few techniques with different tools but they all made the cherries too thick and not very nice looking IMO, for this style anyway. To create cherries I used Miss Selene, Golden Rose Rich Color 71, 70 and Barry M Coral. For the ring finger design first I needed a pale yellow base. I used Woman Summer. Then I made some blobs of a few different nail varnishes on a piece of shiny paper (I use magazine cover, prevents the varnish from sinking into the paper) and used my thickest dotting tool to create dots line by line slightly covering one another as I went. So here it is! 

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