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Isn't typing amazing? Thanks to typing no one literate has a problem reading this post not to mention seeing my embarrassingly bad handwriting. Times when I did calligraphy at school are long gone. If I was however using my hand writing it would resemble something like this:

matte ombre writing nail art MoYou

However for this look I used MoYou London stamping plates. I know, I OBVIOUSLY almost fooled you.

I have to say this was my first time ever using stamping plates and as a result SURPRISINGLY I got angry then I got so angry I wanted to cry, then I wanted to punch something/someone/anything at hand's reach really hard. Finally I decided this is stupid and I'm never using it again. I mean the designs didn't look THAT bad but I had a quick look online at how good it CAN look and decided mine were crap. So I was practicing and took lots of deep breaths and here's the result and OMG I'm in love with these stamping plates and will definitely be ordering more :D

I used Bell French Manicure 01 and Rimmel 873 Breakfast In Bed (Rita Ora) to create ombre designs. I also used Rimmel 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary for ring finger's ombre and the rest of my nails. I layered Matte Top Coat form Barry M on all my nails and then used MoYou Pro Collection XL 7 to create the scribbles. Once I learned how to use it I have to say this was the quickest mani I've ever done!

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