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nail art
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First of all, what do you think of my new nail shape? I was seriously bricking myself because I didn't want to get it wrong and cut them really short but I think it wasn't too bad for a first try! Now moving on to the design:D. The reason this mani happened is because I really wanted to use a gold leaf. I was itching to try something I've never tried before. But then I added flowers that kinda remind me of bamboo and the entire design looks a bit oriental to me now and I just love it!

flowers gold leaf ombre oriental

What I used:
Gold leaf
Ciate Hoopla
Ciate Kiss Chase
Ciate Knickerbockerglory
Deni Carte 40
Golden Rose Paris 151
H&M Glam Gold

I got the gold leaf form amazon.co.uk a while ago so I was really excited to finally use it. It was a bit annoying to break it into tiny bits but once it was done it was very easy to apply. I cut about a half of the sheet and used a fan brush to separate gold layer from the paper. I then put it in a pot (one of those travel sizes plastic jar) and pulled at it using "wrong ends" of two brushes until it was torn into tiny pieces. I applied it onto the tips of my nails using a hoof stick and a bit of top coat. Also I noticed it was important to make sure every bit of gold is sealed with top coat before the final layer of top coat. If you don't make it stick completely to your nail it may move when you're applying your finishing coating. I made the gradient effect using a bath sponge and Ciate Hoopla, Ciate Kiss Chase, Ciate Knickerbockerglory. 

To create flowers I painted the stems first using a detail brush and Golden Rose Paris 151 over Deni Carte 40. I then used the same three Ciate varnishes to create flowers and H&M Glam Gold to accent the middle. I applied a top coat and that's it! I hope you like it!

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