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Chevrons colour block and a review

Is grey and peach colour blocking? I hope it is. Today apart from some funky nail art, I wanted to share with you my opinion on all the polishes and accessories I used to create it. I know I usually do it anyway but this is a bit more extensive so please bear with me while I'm figuring this whole review thing out!  

grey peach glitter chevrons colourblock

I'm using:
Ciate Memebers Only
Miss Sporty 541
Maybelline Color Show 130 Winter Baby
Miss Sporty Candy Shine 003
2true shade 13

I am a huge fan of Miss Sporty polishes. They are pocket friendly and they have an impressive range of colours and effects. However I have to say that my favourite feature is the brush! It's very wide and round so it honestly never touches my cuticles. I just love it because cleaning up is not my favourite thing to do so this saves me a lot of time and, most importantly, nerves!

The colour I'm using here is #541. It's this lovely peachy and very opaque shade. On top of it I'm using Candy Shine range #003. I'm quite impressed with this glitter varnish. It has lots of different glitter shapes, sizes and colours (mostly black, white, gold and red). I think the best way to apply a polish like that is to dab it rather than stroke it on. That way the glitter is evenly distributed...more or less. In the picture I applied two 'dabs'.

On the rest of my nails I'm using Ciate Memebers Only over Maybelline Color Show 130 Winter Baby. I really like this white shade. It's sort of opaque after two coats but it's got this soft, milky finish which I really like. A very bold white is sometimes too...I don't know...cartoony or harsh for my liking.  Now Members Only is a seriously gorgeous micro glitter. It's got this copper gold bits suspended in a very sheer peach varnish. It glides on like a dream and leaves you with a very smooth finish.

To create the chevrons I'm using 2true shade 13. I could swear it looked a muddy, browny grey shade in the shop which I didn't have and well I still don't because it's more like a warmish grey. However I only own about 5 greys so that was a nice little bargain addition to my collection. It was buy one get one 1/2 price so of course I got 3 more. But hey, it's all pocket friendly so it was a totally justified buy! First thing I noticed about it is the consistency. It's very runny which is not a bad thing, it'll be great for gradients manis, but I think that's why my chevrons are slightly uneven. It was still 'moving' when I took the stickers off. However I used a bit less on my other nail and I think it came out a bit neater, so I guess I just need a bit more practice with this kind of consistency. The opacity was fine and bear in mind this is only one coat.

I got my chevron stencils from she-sells-seashells.co.uk. This was my first purchase from this store but I'm sure there'll be more to come:D. These stencils are very sticky and I love that you get two different sizes. What I also love is that unlike so many other stencils I've tried, these don't stretch and change shape when you pull them off. Mine were also bright pink which is just a bonus really!

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