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Enchanted forest gone mad

Yes, you're seeing it right, there are hearts growing on trees. It looked a lot cuter and more delicate in my head. I decided to use a slightly different palette for this Valentine's design and went for green and matte. I like living on the edge.

birds hearts branches ombre valentine's MoYou

What I used:
Golden Rose Paris 151
L'oreal 849 Vendome Emerald
2true shade 21
Ciate Kinckerbockerglory
2true shade 25
Rimmel Jungle Princess
Seche Perfectly Poised
Collection Tropical Pink
Barry M Matte top coat
MoYou Mother Nature 07

I used a chunk of bath sponge and Golden Rose Paris 151, L'oreal 849 Vendome Emerald, 2true shade 21 to create ombre effect. Once I was sure it was dry I used MoYou Mother Nature 07 and Rimmel Jungle Princess to create the branches. I created hearts using Ciate Knickerbockerglory, 2true shade 25, a detail brush and my largest dotting tool. I first pained hearts with a dotting tool and Ciate Knickerbockerglory. It find that dotting tool creates a neater heart shape. I then filled them in with a detail brush and 2true shade 25. 

The birds come form the same stamping plate and they were tricky to stamp on. The background is quite dark so I really needed a very opaque pink varnish but it seems I don't own one as everytime I tried to stamp these birds on, the background was showing through! I tried to create a homemade sticker but OMG this design is so small my nerves just couldn't take it. Instead I stamped it on with Ciate Knickerbockerglory and filled it in on my nail using the same CiateSeche Perfectly Poised, Collection Tropical Pink and a detail brush. Not the worst attempt considering my hand was shaking quite a lot at that point and I wanted to punch something really hard! I had my camomile tea so I'm fine now ;) I finished off with a matte top coat and that's it!

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