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nail art
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Military nails!

After what seems like ages of pinkest, cutest, sickliest patterns and designs I think I'm not the only one in need of shaking things up and changing the palette a little bit! I might have gone extreme going straight for black, but hey, I needed it!

miliary stars badge camo chevrons black

What I used:
Golden Rose Color Expert 60
L'oreal 849 Vendome Emerald
Ciate Apple & Custard
Ciate Hidden Gem
Collection 18 Going for Gold

I was making some random designs and eventually one reminded me of a military badge and this is how this nail art happened. It was very easy and quick to do. To create the camo design I used L'oreal 849 Vendome Emerald as a base. I then used Ciate Apple & Custard, Ciate Hidden Gem, Collection 18 Going for Gold and the largest dotting tool to create random swirls. Once I was sure it was dry I applied top coat. This Collection 18 Going for Gold is amazing but it feels like it's made of bits of glitter, it doesn't have that liquid flow. This means that if it's not completely dry, a top coat may pull bits and spread it all over your nail and, what's worse, the bits may stay on the brush and end up in your top coat! 

The stars are one of the decorations in a wheel I purchased from Amazon.co.uk a while ago. They are a great value for money and these stars are just about the biggest design I can get away with. Some decorations are very flat and large which means the edges stick out and it's easy to catch them on just about anything and ruin your mani!

french chevrons stickers tip guide

To create gold chevrons I used chevron stickers that I also got form Amazon.co.uk. They stick very firmly and don't stretch out when I tried to take them off. The only problem is that if you don't take them off asap they leave glue on the nails. A bit annoying BUT a layer of top coat can cover it up nicely. To be honest though, I am willing to deal with it because for an incredible price you get more stickers then you know what to do with!

I hope you like it! Thank you for reading!

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