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Born Pretty Store Mixed Arabesque Stamping Plate Review

Today I'd like to review this funky mixed arabesque stamping plate provided to me as a free sample from Bornprettystore.com. My inspiration for this design were drawings I saw when I visited Capitol Reef National Park, UT, which btw is a beautiful part of the world that I really want to see again!

BPS stamping plate review, dry brush, tribal, orange

Miss Sporty 541
2true shade 13
Rimmel 358 Jungle Princess
Collection 15 Tropical Pink
Bourjois 12 Rouge Obscur
Mixed arabesque stamping plate form Born Pretty Store

To create the base I used one coat of Miss Sporty 541. I then used a fan brush and swiped it from side to side using 2true shade 13, Rimmel 358 Jungle Princess, Collection 15 Tropical Pink and Miss Sporty 541. Don't worry if the surface of your nail becomes a bit uneven at this point, a top coat will give you a nice smooth finish. All that's left to do is apply a stamp. I used Bourjois 12 Rouge Obscur and a stamping plate from bornprettystore.com.

Born pretty store, stamping, dry brush, tribal, orange

This stamping plate is small but packed with loads of different patterns and shapes. Some of them remind me of Greek, Roman and Aztec designs. The stamps come out perfectly and what I liked the best is that the designs are so long! The pattern I chose was long enough to stamp on 3 of my fingernails which meant I could use it 3 times before I had to clean the plate to reuse it. It's perfect if you're in a hurry or just impatient like me! The only thing that concerns me it that even though the plate is round, the edge is still very sharp so be careful not to cut your fingers.

You can purchase the stamping plate here should you wish. Also don't forget you can get 10% OFF if you use my code SXL91.

Thanks so much for reading!

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