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nail art
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I really wanted something fresh on my nails, something that says RAWR! And so this happened:

Colourful leopard print, animal print, Moyou, advanced stamping

What I used:
Rimmel 873 Breakfast in Bed
Deni Carte 38
Miss Sporty 541
Seche Perfectly Poised
Golden Rose Color Expert 60
Golden Rose Color Expert 23
Deni Carte (Navy) no number
MoYou Mother Nature Collection 08 

Yes, I did after some deliberation decide to go there again and try advanced stamping. I don't do it very often because whenever I do, I lose it. Badly. Although I love how it looks, me and advanced stamping just don't get on! Well, I don't quite know what happened this time but it was easy peasy! The leopard's head comes from MoYou Mother Nature Collection 08 stamping plate. I used a black polish to pick up the design and Miss Sporty 541 and Seche Perfectly Poised to colour it in.  I had to go over it again once it was dry as when I placed it on my nail I could see Rimmel Breakfast in Bed showing through. 

Moyou Mother Nature collection 08

I applied two coats of Deni Carte 38 on the rest of my nails and hand painted the leopard print using Rimmel 873 Breakfast in Bed, Miss Sporty 541, Seche Perfectly Poised, Golden Rose Color Expert 60, Golden Rose Color Expert 23, Deni Carte (Navy) no number. This was fun to make even though my hand was shaking because the leopard print is so tiny.

I like how this turned out! Hope you like it too!

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