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Easter Eggs

Or Easter Pisanki as we used to call it at home. If you don't know what a pisanka is, it is basically a painted or in any other way decorated Easter egg. My aunt used to use wax and food colouring to create these gorgeous patterns and colours and this was my inspiration for this design!

easter eggs pisanki models own chrome metallics
What I used:
Models Own Chrome Blue
Models Own Chrome Mauve
Deni Carte 38
Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Barry M Huckleberry 

It was a lot of fun creating these. All you need is a small dotting tool and a striping brush. I can't even explain how in love I am with Models Own Chrome Collection. There, I said it! I like metallics and I'm officially a changed woman!

Easter egg Pisanki metallics models own chrome

I am actually astonished my nails got this long! They must now be the longest they have ever been. Unfortunately spring cleaning is coming up so they have to go bye bye soon. Yes, I'm serious! I'm one of those crazy gals moving furniture and cleaning skirting boards so yeah, I'd rather trim them now than suffer a painful breakage. I know, I know, scary stuff, but for me it's like a fresh start. I never understood why people do resolutions in January when it's so cold and miserable. Spring is SO much better for it! Everything comes alive, days are longer and it smells amazing so it just helps you stay positive. 

However for now I just can't bring myself to trim this shape that's so perfect for easter eggs. And I hope you stuck to your New Year's resolutions! If not, try spring resolutions, they are SO much better anyway! ;)

Thanks for reading...and sorry for the counselling session!