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Easter Bunny

You know how during Christmas we tell kids Santa will bring them presents if they're good? Well in Poland we do the same for Easter but it's a Bunny that brings gifts, obviously, WHO ELSE?! I haven't been able to go home for Easter for the past 2 years and I can't go this year either so I'm just thinking back to all the traditions and customs I suppose. Even the silly ones, I mean, Easter Bunny? C'mon!

carrots, veg, easter, bunny, spring

carrots, veg, bunny, easter, spring

Barry M Huckleberry
Miss Sporty 541
Ciate Hopscotch
L'oreal Vendome Emerald
Maybelline Color Show Nebline
Deni Carte 38
Ciate Iced Frappe

I've come to realise that free hand designs may be my favourite. I just really enjoy making them even though sometimes it takes a bit longer than other techniques I also like. For this design I used a detail brush and a striping brush.

carrots, bunny, easter, spring, pastels

I painted my nails with Barry M Huckleberry and used a white varnish to paint the carrots first. It helped me to sort of place them where I wanted them and made Miss Sporty 541 pop. I used Ciate Hopscotch to create zigzags as a 3D attempt! The Easter Bunny was painted over Maybelline Nebline using Deni Carte 38. For detailing I used Ciate Iced Frappe. 

carrots, bunny, easter, animal, spring

And that's it! What do you think? Be nice, or you know, no gifts from the Bunny ;)


  1. Awww that bunny is sooo cute! It's smiling like it's happy

  2. Awww that bunny is sooo cute! It's smiling like it's happy