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Practical ideas: nail polish storage

nail polish box nail polish storage

This post is created with people like me in mind, who can't dedicate a whole room or half a room or even one corner to our nail polish stash. What if you only have, say, one shelf? How do you store a ton of polish there?! Well I found a solution that really suits me and the tiny one bedroom flat I live in. I saved so much space my boyfriend and I can actually move freely around the house, imagine that!

nail polish storage nail polish box

This is a very simple but fab piece of storage. It's a plastic box that opens on both sides with little compartments for nail polish bottles. Each compartment is 9x4 cm. The box itself is about 32x27.5 cm. It stands on its own but to get the polish out you have to lay it flat. It has a handle on the side so you can move it easily whenever you feel like it. I can imagine it would be ideal if you travel a lot or do appointments at a customer's house. It has 48 compartments, 24 on each side so it fits 48 bottles. That's if you put one bottle in one compartment. I can't afford that luxury in my tiny place so I stick as many as I can as long as they are still stored upright. I mean every single brand has a different bottle shape. I can easily fit 2 or even 3 smaller bottles in one space, depending on their shape and size so why not? 

I know you can have stands on your desk or stands screwed to your wall but this just wouldn't work for me. First of all screwing anything to the wall is most of the time a no no if you're renting. Now stands aren't big enough to hold all of my polish stash and if I had to buy a few I'd pay a fortune! Not to mention that would take a lot of space I just don't have. Also with the stands, I just can't deal with bottles getting dusty. I absolutely hate dust! Well with my box, that's not a problem. The lid keeps it nice and clean so no dusting! Get in!

nail polish box with lid polish storage

I have my polishes colour rather than brand coordinated (not in these pics, obviously!) and I can see them through a clear lid. I very often get inspired by colour rather than shape or pattern so this is perfect to keep my inspiration going. There is also no escaping from using polishes I bought and never used. They are right there, staring at me!

This is what my actual box looks like:
nail polish storage box

At the moment I have 2 boxes and I still have at least 15 compartments that are empty. I own about 120 bottles so that's not bad considering one box is supposed to hold 48! Out of all of my polishes there are only 2 brands that this box is too small for and that's Bourjois 1 Seconde (the one with a very long thin handle) and Golden Rose matte (again, same shape). Every other brand I own fits comfortably. I put all the different polish brands into the box in the next picture to give you an idea.

nail polish storage box lid

nail polish box storage lid

Here are all the brands that I know will fit into this box: Miss Sporty, Maybelline, Golden Rose, Deni Carte, Deni Carte Mini, Essence, OPI, OPI Mini, Ciate mini, Orly (18ml), Orly (Mini), Nails inc, Leighton Denny, Rimmel, L'oreal, Barry M, NYC, Collection, Natural Collection, Seche, Models Own, 2true, beautyUK, NewCID, Miss Selene.

I would absolutely love to have a gorgeous desk or maybe a chest of drawers full of nail polish bottles and accessories but it's just not feasible at the moment. I'm not saying this box is amazing to look at but it's simple and practical and I love it! This post isn't sponsored, I'm just so happy I found something that works for me and want to share it with you. Who knows, it may be a great storing solution for you too!

I got my boxes from Amazon.co.uk from two different retailers. There are about £25 each and to me both seem exactly the same, except one of them has the retailer's logo on the lid.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email. That's it from me today!


  1. Great post and I could do with one of these!! I have two vanity cases that are hidden behind our couch but as my indie obsession is growing my space is running out :( lol do you have a link please?

  2. Great post and I could do with one of these!! I have two vanity cases that are hidden behind our couch but as my indie obsession is growing my space is running out :( lol do you have a link please?

    1. Thanks! There is literally no space in my flat left to store anything so I'm so happy I found this box! Here's the link to the one I got recently http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chroma-Gel-APN-NPC-Universal-Polish/dp/B007XDA91C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1432673388&sr=8-1&keywords=Nail+polish+box