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Something sweet featuring BPS pearls review

I was super lucky when I went to my local Superdrug recently! They had a clearance section and most of it was nails stuff, yay! I obviously stocked up on all sorts because quite frankly no matter how many wraps, studs and stickers I may have, how can I not buy more if they are freaking 49p?! This is where I got the rhinestones that I used for this manicure. I also used a few different sizes of pearls* from bornprettystore.com.

I also had a chance to use my newest addition to my ever growing collection, Miss Sporty 4252. It is a lovely pink coral shade, slightly less opaque than I expected. I'm wearing 3 coats here. 

The pearls* come in a wheel with 3 different sizes. I used small and medium sizes. They are hollow inside which worried me a bit as I thought they wouldn't stick very well. I should also add that I decided to scrub my entire bathroom clean while having this manicure on and although I was wearing gloves I still think I pushed this manicure pretty hard! I was wearing this mani for 3 days (about as long as I can deal with wearing the same design) and not one of these pearls came off!

Barry M Lychee
Miss Sporty 4252
Rhinestones (Superdrug brand)
Pearl wheel (bornprettystore.com)

I like the fact that not one of these pearls* are the same colour. They aren't just plain white, they have different, very delicate tones running through them. I think on the website they're called studs but to me they have this gorgeous mother of pearl look so I just call them pearls:P

I decided to go for a simple design because I feel they make a huge statement on their own. You can get this item here. Feel free to use my code SXL91 for 10% off at checkout!

Thanks for reading! 

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