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splashes swirls MoYou London nail art

I thought today I'd show you my entry for the MoYou London competition on Instagram. Basically what you need to do is create nail art that is inspired by one of their pin ups and you have to use their plates in some way. It finishes this Sunday so you still have time to enter! I had a ton of ideas but unfortunately no right plates to make my visions come true. Eventually, after some serious brainstorming I chose to recreate the girl from the artist plate.

My inspirations were the splashes on girl's shirt, her blue rolled up hair and the whole background of the artist within (get it?:p) what to me looks like a punched through Mona Lisa! :O

MoYou London competition splashes swirls nail art

I was rummaging through my stamping plates and found all the necessary stamps on PRO XL Collection 07 (that's splatter, rolls and the lady's profile). To me this feels really artistic because the design isn't just 'pretty'. They may have different colours and not all go together but they just make sense against that pin up girl...I hope!

The effect on my ring finger was created using cling film technique. I painted my nail yellow and once it was dry I applied a brown layer. Then using a bit of rolled up cling film I dabbed the excess away. I added the ripped effect with a striping brush. I first applied Barry M Huckleberry then added white edges. Finally I stamped 'the lady's profile' on.

splashes swirls splatter saran wrap MoYou London

Miss Sporty 456
Ciate Knickerbockerglory
Golden Rose Rich Color 135
NYC Melon Milkshake
Rimmel Jungle Princess
2true shade 10
Barry M Huckleberry

When this competition was announced I had a look through all the plates and now my MoYou wishlist is just humongous!

Are you planning on submitting your designs? Thanks for reading! x

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