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This was a little challenge I set out for myself and it was actually a real fun one. I first saw this done by the talented cubbiful and couldn't wait to give it a go. Basically I wanted to see if I could 'recycle' my manicure over and over again by adding bits and bobs and essentially making it more interesting without having to make a new design. I really feel like this is a great idea if, like me, you get bored with most designs after wearing them for a few days. This is seriously the story of my life! If I make the most gorgeous mani I'm thinking, OMG, I'm never ever taking it off! In reality, that hype only lasts...maybe 2 days? I haven't had much time to create anything new recently and this is a great idea to refresh and maybe even completely change an old manicure.

Pink, sponging, splatter, abstract nailart

This is my 'base' that I started with. I love, love, love this pink by Miss Sporty! I think it works so well with my skin tone and it's just the perfect coral pink. I wanted to add similar colours to go with it so I sponged NYC Melon Milkshake, 2true shade 26, Golden Rose Rich Color 103 and Ciate Knickerbockerglory all at random. I used a small piece of bath sponge to do that. It's not perfectly blended but I kinda like the messiness of it!

Pink, sponging,abstract,  summer nails

This is the first stage, more designs will follow later this week! Xx

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