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I've had a good look through my nail polish stash and realised that I haven't used any blue polishes in ages! Blue reminds me of the sky (you'd never guess, would you?!) so I decided on space nails. To make it a bit less unoriginal I decided to add the Moon. I thought the whole mani would be really time consuming. As it happens, it actually took FOREVER to allign the two accent nails!

I started by painting my nails with Miss Sporty 3160. It's so gorgeous and vibrant! Once they were dry I dabbed Collection 6 Blue Belle, Maybelline 20 Uptown Blue and Golden Rose Paris 52. I added dots using a dotting tool and stars using a striping brush. I wanted the nails to look shimmery but I don't really have that kind of polish so I experimented a bit and added Golden Rose Paris 52. OMG it's absolutely gorgeous! It's slightly green but very sheer so it only added an amazing luminosity and depth to the whole design.

space galaxy moon stars shimmer nails

Miss Sporty 3160
Golden Rose Paris 04
Golden Rose Paris 52
Collection 6 Blue Belle
Maybelline 20 Uptown Blue
Ciate Pillow Fight

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the Moon to look but quite frankly I wasn't sure how to go about painting one. In the end I created a slanted gradient, dabbed a bit of grey polish and added a line to create the Moon. I actually really like the end result because it's very similar to what I imagined it would look like. That's a first!

What do you think? Have I managed to make it a bit more original? I hope so! Xx

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  1. Great mani! Very different to what you normally see