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Do you know what's just the worst when travelling? Choosing nail polishes to fit that silly tiny plastic bag you're allowed to take on board a plane. I mean seriously! How am I supposed to choose A FEW from my massive stash? Last time I travelled I thought: screw this, and packed all my cosmetics into my boyfried's bag and I had an entire bag full of polish. I mean he doesn't need much, right? Or ...anything? Still, would you believe that I wanted to take more?

The real fun however, began when I was going through the security check. The guy looked at my bag full of polishes, laughed, looked to heavens and his face basically said 'do you seriously need THIS many?!'. Well, WHATEV's is what I had to say to that...in my head, of course, because had I said it outloud with a few extra remarks...well, let's just say the only place I might have been travelling would be on the coach back to East Midlands :D

This time however I only took a few, maybe 10, and I'm away till Thursday! Expect some minimalistic designs this week;). Right, enough chatter, let's have a look at today's design!

OPI Brazil Collection Beach Sandies I'm Brazil Nuts Over You
Barry M Lychee
Models Own Chrome Rose Gold 

I think this has a bit of a Great Gatsby feel to it. It wasn't intended it just happened! I just worked with what I've got. I was so lucky my new MoYou London plates arrived in time. To create cream and gold nails I used Holy Shapes Collection 02. I just love everything about this plate! My red nails were a bit tricky. I'm using OPI sandies, and although I like it on someone else, I am personally not a fan of textured polishes. These are just so gorge though and I really wanted to use them. In an attempt to make them glossy I applied shit loads of top coat. It must have been 3-4 thick coats, maybe even 5. The polish soaked it up so I had to keep applying throughout the day. In the end I think it sort of worked! I'm going to have to try this on the other three from this collection.  To create dots within dots I used a large and small dotting tool.

What do you think? Xx

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