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I'm daring to go nude!

Yes, I totally stole that line from a recent make up advert! Nude colours are not really my thing but recently I bought Golden Rose Color Expert 101 and I really wanted to use it. It's so creamy and gorgeous. I was going to leave it as a swatch but then I thought...naaah, I need to add something! I decided on MoYou London stamp and these delicate triangles* from bornprettystore.com

hollow triangles studs born pretty store

There are 50 hollow triangles* in a pack. They are very light, delicate and easy to bend which is perfect for me. I made sure I bent them nicely on my nail as I was applying them so they didn't stick out. Really, I should have done it BEFORE I put them on my nails. As it was, these were sticking out a tiny bit on my middle finger. If your nails are on the flat side then of course you'll have no problem with that! Also, I really envy you, lol! I love the colours of these triangles*, they're gold on one side and rose gold on the other. I'm assuming the gold rose is supposed to go underneath but I'd happily use it both ways.

The stamp I'm using is from MoYou London Pro XL 07 collection. I've used this plate quite a few times now because it's really varied. If you'd like to see how I created a mani using just this plate alone check out this post.

The effect on my middle finger was created using a Saran Wrap technique. I cut a tiny bit of cling film and rolled it into a ball. I applied Golden Rose and once it was dry added a white polish on top. I then dabbed the white polish away with the cling film ball creating a marbled look.

What do you think? I just love how delicate this design looks. You can purchase the triangles* here. If you use my code SXL91 you will get 10% OFF at checkout.

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