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Practice makes perfect...right?!

nimbus studded bright mermaid nail art

I was looking through my designs the other day and I thought, I really need to try something new! I came across the Nimbus design by The Nailasaurus and just had to try it myself. I have to say it's harder than it looks! After a few ARRRGG's and UGGGHH's I decided that an accent nail would do for now...mainly because it was the only one that looked anything like the original! In the end though I covered it with a stamp because I think it needs more practicing before I show it to the world properly!

nimbus studded bright mermaid marble nails

Golden Rose Rich Color 50
Essence Wild White Ways
Essence Black is Back
Essence Lime Up!
Ciate Hidden Gem
Maybelline Mint for Life
Golden Rose Paris 151
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

I paired it with black, bright peach and gold studs and as a whole I love this look! I'll definately try this technique again because I think the nail art it can produce it just stunning. Mine may need a bit of practice but hopefully I'll get there eventually! The stamp I used is from MoYou London Sailor 07 plate. The studs come from a wheel I got from amazon.co.uk. 

Thanks for reading! x


  1. These are stunning! How did you get the multi coloured effect under the pattern?

    1. Awh thanks! I used the nimbus technique where you basically water down your polish with acetone and apply it with a cotton bud. It creates this sort of blurred marble effect :)