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nail art
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salamander, animal print, dotticure, black glitter

I was so excited to do this design. It's so bold and eye catching! Also, I don't use yellow that often and this one is a (tiny) part of my American haul. I've promised myself to try all of those polishes before I buy any new ones and I've stuck to it. Well, sort of...

Anyways! This look is fairly easy to achieve, all I used was a dotting tool. The yellow base is very sheer and I really wanted a full coverage so I applied 4 thin coats. I then made random blobs using Essence Wild White Ways. Once it was dry I applied CoverGirl Diva After Dark on top of it leaving just a small white edge. This polish is gorgeous! It's has tiny silver particles in it and looks so luxurious and elegant. I added one layer of top coat. Pretty easy right?

salamander, animal print, black glitter, shimmer

Now the slightly more annoying part. Although I like this yellow Sinful Colors OTAKU ANIME, once I took this mani off, it went straight to bin. It stained my nails so bad and I am so pissed! I used 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy and I know it's not really a base coat but I've been using it for a long time and I never had this problem. Sure, my nails get A LITTLE BIT stained but nothing that nail pampering can't fix. Which brings me to my next point, how do you keep your nails stain free? I usually use nail whitening tablets from Superdrug but it didn't make even the slightest change this time. I'm really worried I'm going to have to wait until they grow out... Help! 

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